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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Therapeutic Tuesday : Sky High by Thomas Prime

Every one of us needed an escape. A world of endless possibilities, unlimited imagination, and infinite freedom. By channeling our stress and tension away into these escapades, we are able to flow with the melody, sway with the rhythm, and let go. Every one have their own way of escaping out of their distraught and fatigue. While some chooses to indulge in eating away their troubles, exhaling nicotine through their lungs, or going to spa for a lil bit of an R&R, I prefer the more pragmatic and salutary way of an escapade; music.

Our nerve system, react to music quite well. I don't know about scientifically proven or not (I'm a lil bit lazy to do research right now), but I am pretty sure all of you have experienced this moment before. That moment when the beat of the drums, the zing of the cymbal, the pluck of the guitar, the ping of the piano, the twinge of the violin, and the beautiful melodies created by instruments drowning away the 'screams' and 'shriek' of stress' astriction.

Don't find those heavy metal songs or those cheeky pop songs, those are good to cheer you up, but instrumental music are much of a better option to assuage the tension and stress you develop over times. Plug in your earphones, find some instrumental music (jazz, blues, keys, whatever your preferences are), close your eyes, and listen to the music as they take you away. As you all know, Yasunori Mitsuda is the one responsible for creating the hauntingly beautiful soundtracks for the game Chrono Cross. And the song for today was originally composed by Yasunori himself, titled Dreams of the Shore Near Another World.

Although the original title of the song is called Dreams of the Shore Near Another World, Thomas Prime, edited the soundtrack into a remix of the song, giving it a new name, Sky High. Hailing from London, England, Thomas Prime is a producer responsible for coming up with these powerful compilation of instrumental wonders, such as The Instrumental LP, Vol.2. He's known for his amazing work in Trip-Hop music (a fusion of hip-hop and electronica with the influences of soul, funk, and jazz). Check out more of his work here, give it a whirl, and hopefully his music can let you drift away and forget all the troubles you have been hurdling before.

Mr. Prime is the epitome of trip-hop; The Instrumental LP, Vol. 2 delves into a robust world of symphonic notes, other-worldly melodies and well-structured pieces to create a set of instrumentals for any fan of instrumental music, hip hop or not. - Source cited from here.