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Thursday, 18 July 2013

G-Bits Cornflakes & G-Bits ChocChips

Why not extend a .... longer hand by giving these ornately wrapped Cornflakes or Chocolate Chip cookies to your friends and relatives in this spirit of Ramadhan. Because everyone knows when it comes to Eid, house visits aren't complete without a spread of cookies for nibbling in between chattering. So, allow me to help you sort out through the messy details of what to get. Whether it is traditional and unique, or simple and sweet, no need to fret. Let me present you, G-Bits Cornflakes Biscuit and  G-Bits Choc Chip Cookies for your troubles.

What can I say, Chocolate Chip are so common nowadays that you can almost get them everywhere. From hundreds and hundreds of Kuih Raya entrepreneurs who starts to fan out their marketing bits here and there. It's deliciously sweet and cheeky, G-Bits ChocChip are sure to fit right into your sweet tooth's lustful desire. Ahakz. Rich cocoa taste with chocolate exquisite chocolate buttons that is sure to pop creamy sweetness each time you take a bite into that good ol' chocolate chip magic.

While Kellogs Cornflakes aren't really Malaysian's creation, but this cookie is. Using crushed pieces of those corn flakes, a sweetened buttery dough are delicately rolled into these crispy golden crunch coating that will soon baked into perfection. It is advised to eat this cookie in one whole bite because of it's delicate texture that just simply cracks at every bite. It isn't too sweet that the cornflakes are overpowered but just sweet enough that these golden confection can match even the lightest of popcorn. 

- Cookies sold separately.
- Prices for each :

Large container [60++ cookies] = RM 25.00
Small container [35 cookies]      = RM 15.00

And for this year's special, Decorated Square Box Cookies [20++ cookies]

Single (any one of the two)          = RM 17.00
Twin box (both types)                 = RM 30.00

For Eid 2013's order, final order must be placed by the 5th of August. So, only a few weeks left. Pick up that phone and dial 019-285 4523, Shida and make your orders pronto. But for the rest of the year, you can call her up if you feel like eating these delectable cookies. Faiz received samples for both and I can really vouch for that Cornflakes cookies. They are so good. Faiz and I gobbled everything up in just a few minutes. These are so damn good. I beg you, really, go and get these. Only two  weeks and a couple of days left before closing date. So hurry up!!! You don't want to be eating air-biscuits during Eid now, don't you? Speaking off, I think I might even order the larger container ones. Come on, that's cheap. You won't get that much cookies for only RM25, truly. And in this spirit of Ramadhan, buy a few extra ones and give to others. Sadaqqah is one of the way to collect good deeds. I don't know about you, but I'm dialing already. a bientot.

*G-Bits Cornflakes Cookies*
...:: cleaned to the crumbs ::...
I just can't get enough of it!!!!!!