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Thursday, 16 February 2012

Forgotten Roy Allen & Frank Wright

Okay, I'm going to give you guys a head start guess.

Roy Allen
Frank Wright

Who are these people?

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Dataran Nilai

Usually I promise myself to stop on updating all about the daily things that I go through and just update on all of the things that I question. But I can't help myself from repeating the same thing that I did for my last blog which was to update on the outings that I went. However, this is probably going to be a bit different from my usual "outing" posts. I'll talk just about one particular spot in a post and go babbling on and on about it.... Crazy? Like you don't know me.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Black Valentine

a few days more to go and the arrival or saint valentine's martyrs day shall commence......... or what most young people nowadays would called it, Valentine's Day. It's the very day that most loving couple wait for, and dreaded by those who are either helplessly alone, or heart-broken. It can be either one of the reasons why some people hate Valentines. Yes, despite the love and share and for some, excitement, over this particular day, there are some people who fucking hate and despise this day. Reasons? TONS. I'll be conducting this entry on this matter on one side of the force; the one who hates it.

image taken from here

Friday, 3 February 2012

Customized Julia Child's Bruschetta

Have you ever wondered what some of the foods you've seen in the movies would taste great or not? Because when they served in the movie, it looks delicious and scrumptiously tempting. And here I've tried my hand at the very own, Julia Child's Bruschetta from the movie Julie and Julia, which was originally a true story about a woman whose passion was into eating and finally turn it into a lifelong dream of cooking. Long story short, the novel was a success and it was made into a movie, where Meryl Streep takes up the role of Julia Child while the sweet charming Amy Adams turn up for a different role than her usual character as Julie Powell, a 30 year old woman in her mid life crisis trying to balance out her work and her responsibilities as a wife. To escape it all, she ventures deep into the world and cooking and find harmony in it. She enjoys cooking so much and takes up after Julia Child as her idol.

image taken from blog webpage

In the movie itself, Julie was cooking this delicious Bruschetta whilst complaining about her daily work to the husband. As it strikes me there, I saw that dish and how she did it and manages to catch a glimpse of what was inside of it and the ingredients. Although I could only make up a few ingredients such as the baguette she used as the base and mainly tomatoes and some leaves (I can't tell what are those; was it basil, parsley or coriander?). My sister saw it too and asked me if it was hard to make.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

You are what you eat!

Staying in shape can be a strain on some people, as do I. Who wouldn't? With all of the delicious foods (not to mention the junk ones), who could opt to stay in shape? Everything out there is scrumptiously tempting and there's no fucking way you could resist the urge to splurge and dine at your heart's desire. But some people take their love for foods so much that some people became ....

Bitchy Customer

picture taken from Profimedia

From the one perspective of life, we've always been in front of the counter, the one making the purchase, the one acquiring the service, and the ones who demanding perfection. That's what being a customer is all about. But how many of us do actually realise that most of us (the customers) are big pain in the ass to those who are providing the service to you? How many of us notices the frowns and the sweats of the cashier requesting for your money when the total bill is cumulated? The tiredness and fatigue of a waiter waiting tables the whole day while they are taking your orders? The sound of boredom and sleepiness from the voice of your customer service call receiver as you complain about your channel been screened? Do we all notice? Do we really care?