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Monday, 22 July 2013

Burger Bakar Abang Burn's Ramadhan Buffet Iftar @ Bandar Tasik Permaisuri

19th June - Friday. This is a belated post really. Hehehe. There's actually not much of a point to do a separate post for this entry since I could just mesh it together with the Abang Burn's Ramadhan Buffet entry because it really was why I went out after all. Hehehehe. But if so, I'd be disturbing the marketing process of that entry by personalizing it with my usual rantings and logging about what we do, where we go, or what we ate. No? An ad entry, should just be as it is.

Anyhow, since Abang Burn was asking around about the buffet during the day earlier (18th) about it and would it be a great idea to have it. I thought it would be awesome since we can customize the burger and do so much more. And at that moment, he PMed me about it and asking whether I want to come. I said yes. And after knowing the price, I bet it would be awesome because it costed only about RM29.90. And dude, seriously, have you ever been to a buffet that is as cheap as that? Don't say steamboat buffets, they're different. And this is Burger Bakar Abang Burn's delicious thick juicy patties that are grilled to perfection we are talking about. 

.::I used to live here @ Cendana Aparment::.

So, the buffet was held at the outlet at Bandar Tasik Permaisuri. And whooosshh, nostalgia comes enveloping me as I stepped out of the Salak Selatan LRT station. I missed the time when I used to live there. Going back home from Martin Tuition Center at Pudu after school all by myself, and walked home in the middle of the heat. But it was alright for me, I was used to it. Only on some lazy days that I decided to take the bus instead. 

So, the place had changed a lot. I used to remember that road to be quite barren and how streaking hot it was to walk back home to my apartment from the LRT station. But look at it now, all droopy and canopied with large trees to provide shades pedestrians and they actually had even built walkways in case rain came pouring down. 

Back then, I don't remember seeing this building on the left. Guess I did missed out a lot. The last time I lived here in Bandar Tasik Permaisuri was in 2005. It's been what? Eight years. Yeah. Of course there'd be a lot of changes. And even Penara (the building on the right) used to be... quite ugly and unflattering but now, well, not exactly bad-ass but, passable. I don't know whether they were trying to pass it off as some kind of futuristic/chromatic look or whatever. The colour seemed a bit off, though. And the one thing that I kind of regretted was that I had moved away before this area had developed. 

Back then, it was just some huge empty lot. Not even a construction site. But now, these rows of shops is quite an attraction. Hosting trademark outlets and stalls such as Speedmart, 7-Eleven, and even Pappa Rich, it has grown to be quite awesome really. The only thing that Bandar Tasik Permaisure is missing are the fast-food and coffee houses franchising - McDonald's, KFC, Pizza Hut, Domino, Starbucks, Gloria Jeans, etc.

So, here we are, Burger Bakar Abang Burn's Bandar Tasik Permaisuri's Jajahan. Suddenly I don't feel much about telling what it is all about. But I guess you could tell, no? Go to the counter, confirm our booking, get seated, and waited until it was time to break our fast, and a motherfucking stampede of hungry Muslim charged to the buffet table. 

.::Oh. This red ribbon is their version of those bracelet straps to tell us (buffet-eaters) from other patrons (normal customers)::.

Hahahahaha. Well, we line-up of course. We are civilized human being, not some pre-historic animal that doesn't know what manners are. Though it is funny that even as modern as we are, there are just simply some people who are barbaric and have no grace when they're dining/eating. Okay, better stop that. Well, though the food selection isn't all that much, read more about the buffet here, at least you get to sate those cravings to stuff yourself up with delicious burgers till you're bloated. 

Honestly, I wasn't trying to win any food pornography award, so away with presentation and all I ever cared at that particular moment was how many minutes left before we could sink our tooth into these delicious foods given, sustenance given by Allah. S.W.T. and be done with it. Hahahaha. And the turn out wasn't really all that bad. Albeit it might not have been the kind of crowd that they were expecting, but new ideas always needed time to warm-up, I'm sure it would soon pick-up. Besides, we were among the first few groups that have the luxury to spend cash on the buffet on it's first try.

Well, at least most of us have a great time eating there. Though I can say that these other buffet eaters besides myself and Faiz kind of lacking the "energy" or "hunger level" because they only went to take their foods once and that was it. Unlike them, I went for second helping of burger which is the Al-Lazat chicken patties which are so fucking unbelievable-I-can't-believe-this-is-chicken-delicious. And one wasn't enough, I just had to take one more.Though, I kind of regretted it that I wasn't doing my 'chewing my food' routine at that moment and I was bloated by the second Al-Lazat patty. 

I wish I had taken it easy, and take my time eating it. But it doesn't help the fact that buffet kind of ended at 9pm. If it had ended a bit later, than I could have eaten more, make my money's worth. Hey, a RM30 is still quite an amount. I want to be able to look at at that money and trade it for a delicious buffet that will make me so full that I can't even walk back home. Though I wish I could say that it 'almost' happened, that I wasn't full, I was just bloated because I wasn't properly chewing my foods and it wasn't digesting well. So, I guess this is just about it that I want to talk about on this post. Mainly about breaking my fast there at the Abang Burn's Ramadhan Buffet, and visiting Bandar Tasik Permaisuri, which I haven't been in a while.