Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Dreamworks Turbo : Movie Review

Once again, Dreamworks animation have gone out of their way and into our hearts to provide a family-worthy entertainment. This time around, take a gander at the snail. One of the animals out there that have been known to glacially 'strut' themselves into fame. However, irony is the keyword here. Try to formulate it in your mind throughout this entry. I'll check back on you on that after we've gone through my verdict.

Theo a.k.a. Turbo, voiced by Ryan Reynolds is a somewhat of a garden-variety snail who dream to be in The Indianapolis 500-Mile Race a.k.a. Indy 500 like his idol, Guy Gagne. A common rare 'species' out of the monotone boring, slow as hell snail community living their life with ultimate slow-mo, Turbo find life as a garden snail to be painfully dull and hoped that one day he could join those bad-ass motherfucking racers.

Here's my first comment. Dreamworks likes to instill lessons in their movie and most of them have something to do with 'dream big' and what sort, that if you work hard for your dream, there is nothing such as an impossible one. Well, in Turbo's case however, he or it (whatever you wish to subjugate Turbo as to-be), is suffering from a delusional case where most human children have. Wanting to be something they're not. A superhero or some kind of bad-ass ninja, or in Turbo's case, a high-end racer. *rolls eyes*

Luckily for him, and like so many other superheroes out there, a freak accident just had to happened to make their life interesting. Turbo was sucked into a racing car engine when he accidentally 'stumbled' onto it and somehow survived the whole accident after being infused with ntirous oxide inside the car. So, freaky accident, check. Thus, Turbo lives up to his name. He can zoom/swish/slide (?) along the ground, with hyper-speed, all juiced up like what nitro does to any car.

And thus begin their journey to Indy 500 where Turbo takes on the race, as himself, against those huge-ass motherfucker cars. And that is where this movie fuck up on logical sense. Pardon mon language, but it's just ridiculous. I would've totally understand if they just end up with the same shady 'cock-fight' like race when Turbo meets the other snails in that poor-of-an-excuse for a snail race, but no, he just had to take it to the big league (again showing the kids out there that it's okay to dream the impossible). In this movie however, you will see the brutality towards the snails; squashed by humans, eaten by animals (especially by the crows), etc. But a hero isn't a hero unless he have proven something. Typical huh? But I'm not going to spoil much more on this movie by tailing on the synopsis anymore.

Though the whole concept of the story is totally dippy, I have to give it to Dreamworks animation for splendid work in the graphic segment of the movie. The cinematography is totally awesome and breathtakingly divine. At par with the rest of those other animation movies provided by Disney Pixar where many of the amazing animated movies are: Brave, Monster University and the upcoming 2015 spotlight, Finding Dory. In Turbo, the scenic representations are flawless and simply gorgeous. Although, you really shouldn't be bothered that much if you're not watching it in 3D, you ain't gonna miss anything even if you watch it in 2D. The graphic is simply amazing. Remember how awesome it is to watch Tron in 3D? Even watching Turbo in 2D is as good as that movie.

Taking the logic out of the equation anyhow, the movie is really entertaining, truly. I find that great home/family entertainment should have some good and decent punchlines/dry humour/jokes and Turbo really does crack my belly. You'd be surprised of how funny that something so slow, can come up with something so.... jocular. You'd be laughing all the time throughout the movie. And any great movie should have that bone-chilling moment of either warmth or horror and Turbo, captures the warmth of emotions. Crowds cheering for this little fella, that feeling that can move you through tears. Now, that is an indicator of an awesome movie.

As for the character in the movie, the voice-overs are great. Characters such as Whiplash, Chet, Kim Ly, Paz, Tito, well, all of them, really. As you go about the movie, you'd find the beauty of brotherhood. Both between Chet & Theo, and Angelo & Tito. Speaking of Chet, I really have to add this one bonus trait of him which I love. The puns, and the cynical comments are just.......simply divine. Hahahah. Well, divine isn't really a great way to put it but I love someone who can be so down-right honest at the same time sarcastic at the same time. And most of the time, Chet provides you with these "cliche" quotes but it really just suits so well throughout the entire movie.

So, in a snail-shell, Turbo is a great homely entertainment that both your family and your children can enjoy. And *drumroll please*, remember the irony I've asked you in the beginning? It's simple, how can animal so fucking slow, be allowed (in an universal karmic comprehension) to enter a car race?! David Soren, director and the brains behind this movie is really................ "creative". So, go ahead and catch this movie, or rent/download/buy, whatever you desire. It's a great addition to your children's movie list.

"The sooner you accept the dull, miserable nature of your existence, the happier you'll be," wordly-wise snail Chet.


  1. It was not as good as the posters made it looked .It was too unrealistic . It started off pretty well but ended flat .The only thing that stood out and touched an inner cord was the caring behaviour of the elder brother .The main character should have stayed true to itself and pheraphs lost all its powers and gone back to his simple begining. An avarage movie , expected much more ,or rater the poasters were decieving.

    1. Like I said, logic is always out of the window when it comes to Animation such as these. But if you made him lose his powers, then it'll be mundane and thus the movie will be a fail. At least it was entertaining.


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