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Sunday, 1 September 2013

Aaron Taylor Johnson

You know what? A few days back when I was watching Kick Ass 2 at its premiere screening at GSC, Mid Valley Megamall, courtesy of Nuffnang (thanks a lot you guys!), I realized that Dave/Kick Ass looked very familiar. Now, let me be honest with you all here, I've never watched the first movie, so I wasn't prepared for all of his cuteness.

Ahakz, yup. I said it. He's damn cute. Those eyes and those lips. Although it was kind of hard for me to actually catch a glimpse of his face with all those tendrils falling on his face, I finally caught a look of that pretty face and realized that I've seen him in another movie before. But the problem was, which one?

And it finally hit me. He was Robbie, the dreamy teen sex god from Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging. 

Owh, how could I have not recognized it. But it makes sense. Back then, he was younger and his complexion is really more of a younger men and now he looked much more delicious. Well, yeah of course. Just look at those abs!

Ain't he one motherfucking delicious ice cream waiting for us to scoop him up and lick 'em til wet. OH EM GEE! Pervert alert!!!!

Hahahahahahaha!!!! But really, he's so good looking. I remember in the Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging, he was super dreamy. His accent, his cute face, that coiffed hair and those icy blue eyes. What is it with pretty boys and blue eyes? They're so irresistible! Seriously, just look at that face, who can deny THAT?!

And just imagine, next year (2014) he is going to appear on the big screen again in the movie Godzilla.

And directly the year after that (2015), he's going to be in the anticipated epic movie Justice League, as Quicksilver. I guess they figured that he looked damn good in a spandex or tights in Kick Ass that maybe he should take up more delicious body-hugging-tights-wearing superhero character more? Aaaahhhhhh!! Let us melt into a puddle!!!

Aaahhhhh.... why is he so damn cute?! Too bad he's already married!