Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Therapeutic Tuesday : Pure Shores by All Saints

In this hectic, fast paced world that revolves around speed and getting things done fast, have you ever stop for a while, and look at where you've been now? Yes, the world still spins around even as you stop, the world isn't centered around your own self, but it's really something to pause that moment in your life, evaluate what you have, what you're moving towards, and are you really happy the way you are now?

Every one yearns for something; money, fame, possession, love, equality, whatever it is that people want in this world. But getting what we want is never easy. They always says, "those that comes easily, goes away easily too". So, it's perfectly okay to reevaluate your journey so far when you take that immediate pause, and think about what you have been doing so far. Have you reached your destination? Have you claimed what is yours? Have you run far enough?

Take it into your reins, push away any obstacle, tear away the fear, take every risk, all for the sake of something that you want in your life. Be it someone who you love, a dream house you long to live in, a job you've been itching to have, or the life you've been wanting to recreate. Only hard work and strong spiritual/intellectual/physical motivation can bring you closer to what you want, not blindly going through the motion without direction or purpose.

Written by a member of the All Saints, Shaznay Lewis, and produced by William Orbit, Pure Shores is a dream pop song with elements of electronica and ambient music. On the surface interpretation, the song speaks about searching for a place for them to 'relax' and call their own. Maintaining for two weeks on top as number one on the UK Singles Chart, this song was critically praised for being a 'relaxing' song. Listen to this song as you sway by the electronic pop music bring you to a transient state of calm.

"Take me somewhere I can breathe,
I've got so much to see.
This is where I want to be,
In a place I can call mine."
- Shaznay Lewis