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Thursday, 4 July 2013

Burgerbyte @ Taman Dato Senu, Sentul

I never heard of this place before, even though I've been living in Bandar Baru Sentul for six months already. Apparently, Burgerbyte was just nearby and only five minutes away from my house or less. I was actually on my Facebook during that time when a friend of mine suggested that I try out Burgerbyte, in response to my updates saying that I was starving. At first I thought, maybe next time because I never knew it was close by.

But last Thursday, before going back home, Faiz and I were discussing what to have for dinner and he said he wanted to 'tapau' back the burger. 'Why not eat there instead?' I insisted. So we decided to meet up after finished working there. It really wasn't that far from my rental apartment. Anyway, please bear with me as I haven't actually done any entry on food so much since my previous blog.

We ordered different burgers. Faiz ordered the Beef Naked Burger and I ordered the  Chicken Garlic Butter Burger. And just for the sake of spending time there, I ordered an additional basket of Fries. Knowing myself, I would have ordered another set of burger, just to sample more than just one or two. But I can't afford to keep spend so much money just to satisfy my gastronomical lust.

Naked Burger (Beef)
You won't believe how succulent and juicy these patties are. They're so soft, melts in your with the slightest chew and the black pepper sauce compliments the beef so well. Served with slices of carrot and broccoli, with potato salad on the side too. And the best part, it is served on a sizzling plate. Yummm!! You can still hear the sizzle of the meat cooking as it arrive on your table.

Garlic Butter Burger (Chicken)
I actually hesitated when I picked Chicken for my patty but it turns out that the chicken goes so damn well with the garlicky buttery sauce. And the chicken is so moist, and juicy. If I had never eaten this burger, I would have never known the sensation of burgers melting in your mouth. I finally understand how it feels. It's so delicious that I actually savor it with every chew. The garlic taste wasn't too overpowering the patty and the butter melts so well deep inside the patty.

I was actually hoping for a heap of chips when I ordered this but it turns out that this mountain piles of fries could actually fill me up easily without having to order anything else. Generous amount of fries in a basket. Really generous. This cheap item can actually fill two people up. And the fries aren't soggy with oil. The right amount of crispiness and some dash salt, evolves this simple fries into a more than just a delectable snack.

Faiz, known for gulping down his foods in matter of minutes, actually took time to savor the taste of the patties in his sizzling plate. Now, that's true compliment to the flavors and taste of the burger. And myself too. Normally, I wouldn't think another second to grab the bottle of chili sauce to spice up my not-so-spicy burger. But this time around, there's no need to add condiments to your burger as the taste of the patties are just delicious on its own. These goes to show that really delicious burgers doesn't need condiments or extra ingredients to jazz the burger up. The patty speaks for itself. 

Another which I love the most about this burger is the amount of vegetables or salad as you want to call it, aren't that many. Most burgers are spoiled and crowded with too many shreds of vegetables in it. Cabbages, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, and lettuce. This is crowding the burger with so many other taste where in the end, you feel like eating a bun of salad with chunks of patty, rather than eating a burger. 

So, talking about it for a long time won't help me get to my point. Pick up your car or motorcycle keys, and drive/ride to the nearest Burgerbyte you can find. If you're living in Sentul, Danau Kota, Setapak, or somewhere nearby there, you can check out the Taman Dato Senu branch. For more information, check your their Facebook website. Menu, addresses to different branches and their promotions. It's all there.

Until then, bon apetit.