Sunday, 28 July 2013

Game : Awesome August

Hey, y'all. July is coming to a close and August is coming with the promise of the awesome new games. Avid gamers should have been taking down these dates already since these are the release date of new games for PS3 console. Well, not really catering to every gamer's need though. Here are four out a few games that are going to be released in the month of August. These four that I highlighted are the ones that I wish I could play so damn freaking much.

From the creators of Odin Sphere and Grimgrimoire, came Dragon's Crown. Beautiful 2D graphics and engrossing details to make-up the gameplay. Not to mention they still haven't lost the touch of great storyline and amazing voice actors to their game. Dragon's Crown features six characters for you to choose from with different moves and abilities, as you go up against beautifully drawn enemies following a series of interesting plot. Alone, or co-op, you chose it, Dragon's Crown is sure to take your breath away with it's classing Dungeons & Dragons-esque gameplay that seemed to began to wade these days.

I guess we can be rest assured that Bandi Namco will never disappoint us in their Tales series. Thus comes the next or rather the English version of Tales of Xilia (Limited Edition). We all know how prodigiously huge each Tales game and this too are not missing that key awesomeness. Great characters, featuring Jude Mathis, a new hero which finally breaks the tradition by using gloves/knuckles as weapon instead of the stereotyped sword for most protagonists. With just a simple twist like that, we can tell that there's much that this installment can give to us.

Having not being able to actually play the first online version of the Final Fantasy which is the Eleventh installment in the FF series, this next installment of the Fourteenth is even killing me even more. Just check out how awesome this trailer is. New stories unfolding, new characters developments such as re-vamped skills and new jobs introduction, new bosses, what else could you even ask for? Despite the graphics too be on par between awesome and just nice, the game itself is just amazing.

I started playing Saints Row in the third installment, not from the first or second. Though I kind of missed out on what happened before in the previous installment when Shaundi and Gat mentioned "the past", the Steelport installment is still just as awesome. And by the look of this trailer, you can tell that this over the top/nonsensical game that rivals GTA would be just as hell as fucking awesome as the its previous installment with more crazy shit stuff to be done. And hopefully, more and more customization options. That enough can win me over this game, who knows what else they have up their sleeves.

Unfortunately, only SR4 is available on both Xbox 360 and PS3 console. The rest are only available on the PS3 platform with Dragon's Crown being able to be play on the PS Vita too. Looks like I'll just keep on having to bite my lips and dream on, for now.