Friday, 19 July 2013

Ramadhan : Moderation in Consumption

A week have past since the start of Ramadhan. How are you guys feeling? Especially for those who are fasting? Anyway, stay strong, or as Kifly Mally would always say, "stay goddess" okay? Hahahaha. Doesn't matter how colorful or dull your personality is, life should always go on, no matter what people think of you. Anyway, I hope that just because Bazaar Ramadhan will be there the whole month, doesn't mean you can pig out after iftar. Fasting in Ramadhan teaches us to live in moderation. It is not just about eating (although most of the Muslim people can only "fast" on their hunger), it is more than that.

Moderation in consumption, is of course the first aspect of fasting. Holding out from eating, or drinking, anything related to inserting any thing into your organs. Though there are a few ulama' and dalil that mention about picking noses, wearing contact lenses, or some others are fine, it is best not to do so. Remember, it is all about restraining yourself. And my last week's post on Ramadhan explain about monitoring your speech, control whatever you say and shut-the-fuck-up steps if you're feeling like cursing or insulting someone. This time around, let's look about consumption.

Yes, I do agree that, that particularly last hour before iftar, right before you go home and at the Bazaar, everything is so fucking enticing and inviting that you want to spend all you have on those foods. Everywhere you turn, delicacies all around; silky-glazed chickens, roasted lambs, grilled fishes, traditional and local rice dishes, kebabs, murtabaks, all the desserts, you name it all. But let's take a step back and remember once more what Ramadhan is about. Moderation, remember? So, if you already have something to eat for iftar, put back those wallets back in your pockets/handbags and go back home.

Sometimes, they thought that just because they have been "starving" the whole day, they are allowed to splurge and indulge for iftar, with the excuse to regain back their strength which was sapped throughout the day in order to keep going on during the day. But this is a terrible excuse. Yes, all those foods are going to seduce you (as if food could seduce, haha!) so much that you wanted to buy this, and this, and this, and that, and those, and when your realises it, your hands are packed with plastic packages of foods. And by the time you iftar, you aren't going to finish everything you've bought. Now that's wastage. Something that Ramadhan want us to learn not to do in the first place. Take into moderation once again. Just buy one meal, or even better, cook instead at home rather than spending money at the bazaar.

Now, if you did gobble up like a fucking pig, without taking into consideration of the whole 'moderation' theme, there's only one possible outcome that defeats the purpose of Ramadhan. You are going to become so fucking lazy and heavy for that matter, that you aren't going to go and perform Terawih prayer. Let alone even go and perfom Isya' prayer at all. You're going to say that I'm wrong to assume as so, but tell me, how many of you can honestly raise your hand and admit that this have happened to you before? I wish I could show you my hands as I raise them because this had happened to me before. But I digress. I learnt from my mistake and this year, I try to make the best of Ramadhan's blessing by going into the spirit of moderation.

So, remember, don't be a wolf at the bazaar, a pig when you break your fast, and a troll that is too lazy to stand up later on. All the best for all of you during this Ramadhan, happy fasting.