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Monday, 8 July 2013

Justin Bieber : Un Soulagement Comique

How is your Monday? I decided to break away from my heavy ranting and nagging for today and release some of these HYSTERICALLY awesome photo-shopped and edited images of Justin Bieber which I found on the internet searches last week. 

We all need a little break in our work, so, enjoy.

And if you're a beliebers or a big fan of him, know this: THIS IS NOT A HATE POST. I just find it quite atrocious how a lot of people who despises him put up a lot of effort to bring down this guy. Personally, I hate him too, but I don't resolve it to this kind of hatred. It's just childish. The reason why I posted these pictures was to bring some laughs to people out there who had a bad day.

Hey, even a goofy picture intended for insult can be a good way to brighten one's day. Such as what 9gag, SoFunnyLol and other gag-related/meme/comedy websites offered in their fully dedicated websites.

Ang give some kudos to JB, he really did try so hard to shed off the pretty/cute boy look he had from before and sporting a deliciously good looking hot bod with tight packs and lean body. I don't care if you love him or hate him, but you have to agree that he's looking mighty fine nowadays, no?

Whether you are straight or gay, guy or girl, no one can deny that this lil peace of meat is one scrumptious looking corn-dog. Too bad he acts like a dog too.


Anyway, have a great day.