Friday, 5 July 2013

McDonald's Samurai Burger : Slashing Again

I've been waiting for this delicious motherfucking burger to come into promotion for a long time already and when Faiz told me a couple days back about Samurai Burger is making a comeback, I swore I would not waste any time at all and went for it the day McDonalds started to sell it.

4th July, was the day that this delicious sweet and soft burger began slashing away to its loyal eaters. Hahahaha. Can you believe how good it is? I've always wondered about the oddity of burger being sweet and all. If you have been eating McDonad's Beefburgers or Cheeseburgers, you can find it that it tasted sweet. It wasn't the patty that was sweet, but the onions and pickles smeared with the ketchup was the sweet agent. 

The ketchup, mainly being mildly spicy and sour, has a hint of sweet when you pair it with beef patties. But it will give a different tangy effect when you eat fries with ketchup. It's an amazing thing actually. I wonder how many people actually realise that. As you all know, the Samurai Burger McValue Meal comes with a side of Criss Cut Fries and Sakura McFizz. Personally, I love chips, not fries. Because fries are sometimes too skinny and it gets crispy. Don't get me wrong, I love cripy fries too, but it is not as filling as chips, which have more structure and more bite as per swallowing it whole like fries. But in terms over Criss Cut Fries and normal Fries from McDonald, I've take their Fries anytime. Mostly because they're great when served as McShaker Fries instead.

Aaahhh Sakura McFizz. Delectably divine named, and serenely beautiful color. It gives a hint of illusion that you're in a Japanese situated diner. But in actuality, it's just a mixture of Sprite and Ribena. Knowing myself, I don't really fancy Ribena so much because of the zesty taste. So I changed my drink to Milo instead. Oh right, I think I'm going to start avoiding carbonated drinks from now on. Wish me luck.

Ah, and the actual star itself. I know, I've been rambling on and on about other things. But hey, like they say, keep the best for last. But hey, what else do you really need to know about Samurai Burger other than it's delicious delectably melt-in-your-mouth patty dunked in a sleek velvety teriyaki that is both sweet and savoury at the same time. Topped off with fresh (you can't exactly tell) crisp lettuce and of course, soft creamy mayonnaise that sits atop the stack of heavenly ensemble. Take a full bite of the burger and you cannot escape the sensation of that first bite and go "uuuuuumppppppphhhhhhhhhhh aaaaahhhhhh". Yup, just like an orgasm.

And if this picture that I took isn't gastronomically pleasing enough, then have at this.

So, tie up your hair like a 'dono' and visit your nearest McDonald's outlet for a slashing impact of the samurai itself.~