Friday, 26 July 2013

If I Were A Naughty Smurfette for a Day…

If I were a naughty Smurfette for a day, this world would be my playground. With insane amount of magical smurf-essence power at my disposal, I shall create mayhem in this land. Soar through the air through wind manipulation, lay siege to everyday citizen by placing hexes on them - scaring the hell out of 'em.

First of all, let's screw these political schemes all around by making trips to each of the political parties, spread a little rage by drawing whatever's within themselves and unleash it all out, nothing held back. They will then go on an all-out rage to the other parties demanding their justice and what-not. Only then, the rage will widespread even more, making anyone within a 500 metres radius sparked into a full wrath outburst too.

Next, all these 'towering' building are an eyesore. It's time to help clear the air that is polluted by these concrete jungles. With the power of the Smurf and my bodily avatar channeled with Smurf-essence, I chant these words:

"Crumble, topple,
seize the mast,
yank it out, let it fall
Tumble down upon the masses!"

And down come falling all these high-rise building, crumble to dust as they came down kissing the pavement, smashing any human being that is caught in between in the rubble. Muahahahahaha!!! I know it is cruel, but human pain is my joy, I'm a pure masochist.

But since I only have a day, it's time to wrap this day of playful chaos with one last mayhem. I guess it wouldn't be a successful day of chaos if I didn't take over this world, non? But ruling the world is a major pain in the ass. I'd prefer to just have fun. So, let's initiate project "Rebirth". It's time to restore everything back to its original state, like its just one big huge freaking dream. A dream that is etched forever in their memories. For those who had died in the course of the day, shall remain dead but those who lived shall live with a tormenting memories that conflict with reality about who should have died and what-not. You know, like Serah Farron in Final Fantasy 13-2 about her sister's disappearances.

And after the whole nightmare, its time to sleep. My evil tucked away in the darkest corner of my heart and return to being the sweet beautiful Smurfette as I was from before. Until the day of Reckoning once more. *Grins*

So, yeah, Smurfette would actually lose her colors, turn into her original clay colored self, become naughty, and destroy's the faith of the rest of the Smurfs. But like in all good movie and the way I wrote what my day would be as a Naughty Smurfette, she would then regain her colors and became blue once more after she was helped by the rest of the Smurf to realizes all the mischief she had done. You could say that I have a very weird way to interpret thing. But that's just it,

So, here's hoping that I'd be graced with the chance to see how awesome Smurfette playing evil in the next installment of The Smurfs 2 at its premiere screening by Nuffnang.

'Til then let's enjoy this new song from Britney Spears for this movie and, stay BLUE.