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Thursday, 28 June 2012

Long Haired Man

Getting a haircut, for me, is very painful. Why so? Because I like to outgrow my hair, and I will try as hard as I can to not cut my hair. I've always dreamt of having a long hair. You know, like Chii (Chobits)? But that is fucking impossible because a guy with that kind of hair would be frowned upon. Why? Because society deemed it to be so. A guy with a long hair can show several indications.

First of all, they can be horribly believed to be very unsanitary. As society generalizes it, men, are dirty mammals. Compared to the very, supposedly, hygienic women, men are prone to be afflicted with the L-syndrome. The L-syndrome here refers to laziness and lethargy. Men are believed to be so damn lazy and unsanitary that they often just take quick showers or bath to clean themselves, aren't particular to their hygiene care, and too indolent to take good care of themselves. With that kind of perception towards male population, a guy, with a long hair can only be described as a dirty hobo. Long hair requires special care because if you don't take good care of it, it will smell, and get very oily. Not to mention that you will need to spend quite a sum of greens to make sure it properly conditioned once in a while. And given the acknowledgement of guys and money-related issues, they would think that it's a perfect waste of money.

And the second frown would be related to the cultural perception. Some long haired guys are like that because of their social cliques. Two great example of this kind of cliques are those who identifies themselves as the biker gang, or the hardcore metal band gangs. Don't ask me why they chose long hairs to represent themselves, or to distinct themselves from others. I just don't freaking care. But the issue here is that if a guy with a long hair is seen in public, the observers would be quick to judge that that guy 'must be' or 'probably is' a member of either gang, even though he is not. And once they're labeled like that, people around would show a differential aspect of treatments and responses when dealing with these 'long haired biker/hardcore-metal' guy. Isn't that kind of sad? To be judged solely on appearance? But this is the truth.

The final indications goes to the most obvious of all, which is? Guys with long hair are naturally and most likely are faggots. Hey, don't point your anger at me. I'm not the one who decides this. Society believes that a guy, should stick to the stereotypes that guys shouldn't have long hair. A guy must have short or just a bit longer than average hairstyles. The 'people' trusts that guys with those kind of hair can be called 'men' while those who outgrew them and keep 'em long, like girls, are faggots. Well, it's not really that much to deny to that accusation because as you can see, they are quite right. Why? Because an effeminate guy wishes to be like girls, and have long silky (or curly or wavy or voluminous, etc.) hair and style them as they see fit. While some follow trends, other just wing-it.

That's not to say, that some guys actually looked good adorning the long hair look. Try Google-ing for Brad Pitt or maybe Johnny Depp. Both of them have quite an impression on the image of men with long hair. But, we all know that everyone is a fucking hypocrite because when a normal guy kept his hair long, you'll call him by one of those three labels above, but when a guy celebrity kept his hair long, you'll say that it's an eye-pleasing hairstyle.


So, here we are, back to my predicament on long hairs. I actually decided to outgrew my hair and kept it long. And while I was making so much progress (as those who have seen me publicly can tell) that my hair IS getting longer, my aunt told me to cut it short. She said it was too messy (Label 1) and that I looked ridiculously 'feminine' (Label 3). See? Speaking from personal experience.  And so, to the point of this entry, I had to go to the salon and cut my hair. Yes, I went to a salon to cut my hair because I wish to still keep my fringe long. I asked the stylist to give me suggestions on which haircut to choose that will still let me keep my bangs. Bob-cut, he told me. What the heck.

So, the back of my hair is fucking short now, but I still managed to retain my long straightened fringe at the front. I'm not gonna say that the haircut is not that bad because I still don't like how it have actually gotten a little bit shorter than the original length, but at least it has a better curve than the uneven lengths like before. I have not been able to take single picture with a good angle to show how my hair looked like after haircut, but I will, soon.Well, I'm not gonna dwell on the past that much and just pray that my hair will soon grew longer again. At a faster rate please. I don't want to wait that long because I have another hairstyle I would like to try out but it requires my hair to be at shoulder length. I wonder how will I achieve that. Hahahaha....

Kau ingat kau itu perempuan?
Nak simpan rambut panjang?!
Tak sedar diri langsung,
nampak macam bapuk!


  1. OMG. YOU'RE A GUY? LOOOOOOOL! I thought you were a girl! Oh dear, oh dear...

    1. LOL! In which context that led to you were under the impression that I was a girl?

  2. I don't know. The long hair and the pink blog, I guess >.<

  3. Well, yes ... and more. You've got androgynous looks and Mimie sounds like a girl's name XD


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