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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Stuck In A Rut

While my life has been rolling down this sloppy mountain and steadily losing momentum, I did not realized that everyone in my whole life are getting ahead. I believe I could phrase it as some sort of a jealousy symptom. Yes, undoubtedly I am beginning to lose interest with the life I am having. I'm not lying when I say I am losing interest of it. Why?

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Long Haired Man

Getting a haircut, for me, is very painful. Why so? Because I like to outgrow my hair, and I will try as hard as I can to not cut my hair. I've always dreamt of having a long hair. You know, like Chii (Chobits)? But that is fucking impossible because a guy with that kind of hair would be frowned upon. Why? Because society deemed it to be so. A guy with a long hair can show several indications.

Monday, 25 June 2012

Malaysians Can't Read

To all Malaysians who feel offended by the title, please forgive me, if you do. Because this is a generalization term to show that most Malaysians people, be it the grown up or the young ones, male or female, or even of different races, has an innate ability to defy the rules, even when it is clearly stated, right in front of them.

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Divas Made an Effort : Part Two & Three

Again, it's not hard to try and keep friendship even when you're far apart. Although the distance between spaces and time may hinder the effectiveness, if it try hard enough, you'll get it. After our first gathering at Nilai, we got together at Syeksen 2, Shah Alam, where we had KFC for brunch, and head to Secret Recipe for tea time. Too bad I've totally forgotten to take pictures on that occasion itself. The only picture of that occasion was the one above. And that is our second gathering. Last two weeks, however, we managed to get together, only because of a spontaneous decision made my by Faiz.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Divas Made an Effort : Part One

When I was in college (UNiSEL), I was part of this large group of friends and we had tons of fun together. If you have been my follower on my previous blog,, you would know of it. Since all of the outings we did together was posted on that blog. I kept it for the sake of the memories of all the wonderful things we had together. But that is another story. One of my friend from that gang told me that when we finished our college years, we would all go our separate ways and will eventually gotten farther away from each to the point that no one really seemed to care about one another.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

New Dishes at Pizza Hut

As you all might and have already know, Pizza Hut recently has aired in the radio that they had a line of new items in their foods selection, namely on of the Pizza known as the Steak Pizza. Seeing as how Faiz and I haven't eaten at Pizza Hut for a loooooooong time already (and I do mean long...the last time I ever ate at Pizza Hut was last year), we wanted to go and try out some of the few new dishes there.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Hot Breakfast 'On The Go'

photo source :

Life of the office worker can sometimes be very hectic and timely expensive. They simply have no way to sit and enjoy a satisfyingly hot or warm breakfast or even grab a bite without constantly looking at the watch, hoping that they won't be late. But a brilliant company called as the 'Hot-Can' has created a revolutionary smart packaging of hot beverages for the go that is self-heating.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012


If you have what it takes to be called as a basketball player, we dare you to participate in this '3 On 3' Redline Basketball Challenge. There will be four categories altogether:

- Under 15 (Male)
- Under 18 ( Male)
- Under 18 (Female)
- Under 23 (Male)

Participants are required to pay a registration fee of RM90 per team. But fret not, the prizes to win are as eye-candy as the registration fee is. The prizes are:

- 1st place : RM1000
- 2nd place : RM700
- 3rd place : RM400

All you need to do is:
- gather a team of three people, and
- submit your forms (download link below) to either this address

No. 18-2, Jalan Tasik Utama 5,
Medan Niaga Tasik Damai,
The Trillium, Lakefields,
Sungai Besi,
57000 Kuala Lumpur

or to these email address

If you are selected as one of the first 30 team to register, you are entitled for a RM25 rebate registration fee for whichever category you submit yourself into. 

In the spirit of media youth, TV3 and HOT.FM will send some of their crew to this event for media shoot. Be sure not to miss this opportunity. So be sure to register yourself, and be there on:

Date : 30 June & 1st July
Venue : Kolej Kelima, University Malaya

Get your forms here:

If you have any other inquiry or would like to ask more about this event, please do not hesitate to contact us:
012 - 689 7512
019 - 229 0305


This event is sponsored by:

Monday, 11 June 2012

Facebook - Freedom of Speech

Rule 105 of Internet: 

"Someone, somewhere in the world
 will get offended by your comment 
no matter what."

Can you deny that fact? It is a terrible world we live in nowadays, where people aren't really given the chance to freely voice out their inner thoughts or desire. But today, I would like to point out the perfect irony of the freedom of speech (mainly in the Facebook corner of the media society) and the actuality of its "freedom".

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Ironic Racism

A poem by Saroja Subbiah:

Dear White Fella,
When I am born I'm black
When I grow up I'm black
When I am sick I'm black
When I go out ina sun I'm black
When I git cold I'm black
When I git scared I'm black
And when I die I'm still black

But you white fella
When you're born you're pink
When you grow up you're white
When you git sick you're green
When you go out ina sun you go red
When you git cold you go blue
When you git scared you're yellow
And when you die you're grey
And you got the cheek to call me colored?

This poem was disseminated among the Maori staff in a New Zealend government office.
*This excerpt was taken from the book of Steven Pinker (2007), Stuff of Thought. All copyrights reserved. I do not own anything.*

Snow White and The Huntsman : Review

All hail Queen Ravenna. Pertaining to the movie, Snow White and The Huntsman, I will now commence all the bashing of this terrific yet horrendous movie which has been screening for almost a week now. The reason I chose this poster of Charlize Theron posing as the Evil Queen in the remake of our beloved fairy tale, heart-embedded kiddie story back in the 1990s is because she is actually the only one worth mentioning inside this movie.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Forgotten Roy Allen & Frank Wright

Okay, I'm going to give you guys a head start guess.

Roy Allen
Frank Wright

Who are these people?

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Dataran Nilai

Usually I promise myself to stop on updating all about the daily things that I go through and just update on all of the things that I question. But I can't help myself from repeating the same thing that I did for my last blog which was to update on the outings that I went. However, this is probably going to be a bit different from my usual "outing" posts. I'll talk just about one particular spot in a post and go babbling on and on about it.... Crazy? Like you don't know me.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Black Valentine

a few days more to go and the arrival or saint valentine's martyrs day shall commence......... or what most young people nowadays would called it, Valentine's Day. It's the very day that most loving couple wait for, and dreaded by those who are either helplessly alone, or heart-broken. It can be either one of the reasons why some people hate Valentines. Yes, despite the love and share and for some, excitement, over this particular day, there are some people who fucking hate and despise this day. Reasons? TONS. I'll be conducting this entry on this matter on one side of the force; the one who hates it.

image taken from here

Friday, 3 February 2012

Customized Julia Child's Bruschetta

Have you ever wondered what some of the foods you've seen in the movies would taste great or not? Because when they served in the movie, it looks delicious and scrumptiously tempting. And here I've tried my hand at the very own, Julia Child's Bruschetta from the movie Julie and Julia, which was originally a true story about a woman whose passion was into eating and finally turn it into a lifelong dream of cooking. Long story short, the novel was a success and it was made into a movie, where Meryl Streep takes up the role of Julia Child while the sweet charming Amy Adams turn up for a different role than her usual character as Julie Powell, a 30 year old woman in her mid life crisis trying to balance out her work and her responsibilities as a wife. To escape it all, she ventures deep into the world and cooking and find harmony in it. She enjoys cooking so much and takes up after Julia Child as her idol.

image taken from blog webpage

In the movie itself, Julie was cooking this delicious Bruschetta whilst complaining about her daily work to the husband. As it strikes me there, I saw that dish and how she did it and manages to catch a glimpse of what was inside of it and the ingredients. Although I could only make up a few ingredients such as the baguette she used as the base and mainly tomatoes and some leaves (I can't tell what are those; was it basil, parsley or coriander?). My sister saw it too and asked me if it was hard to make.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

You are what you eat!

Staying in shape can be a strain on some people, as do I. Who wouldn't? With all of the delicious foods (not to mention the junk ones), who could opt to stay in shape? Everything out there is scrumptiously tempting and there's no fucking way you could resist the urge to splurge and dine at your heart's desire. But some people take their love for foods so much that some people became ....

Bitchy Customer

picture taken from Profimedia

From the one perspective of life, we've always been in front of the counter, the one making the purchase, the one acquiring the service, and the ones who demanding perfection. That's what being a customer is all about. But how many of us do actually realise that most of us (the customers) are big pain in the ass to those who are providing the service to you? How many of us notices the frowns and the sweats of the cashier requesting for your money when the total bill is cumulated? The tiredness and fatigue of a waiter waiting tables the whole day while they are taking your orders? The sound of boredom and sleepiness from the voice of your customer service call receiver as you complain about your channel been screened? Do we all notice? Do we really care?

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Transportation : Public or Personal

Sure, everyone needs to get somewhere from point A to point B in under any circumstances. But everyone do it differently. Some opted for public transportation while others prefer using their own form of transportation. In this case of owning your own transportation, most people would either have a car, or a motorcycle. That would normally do for an average person. Aside from the common two, personal transportation vehicle can be one these; vans, lorries, or even some have their private drivers (limousine).

While those who can afford it, they'd be the kind of people I spoke of above, while the rest of the part would opt to choose public transportation as their method of getting to a destination. Be it either buses (shuttles or down-town), taking the train or even hailing a cab. There is nothing wrong with taking up on public transportation as your colloquial needs as there are few winning pointers to these public transportation.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Relationship Status : Single?

Being in a relationship. That is what all the youngster nowadays seek for. Like every meaning in life such as school, education, social quota, family, friends, work, and any kind of bounded destiny in their life means nothing. Being a typical relationship is what matters. They say they're in love but how naive can someone be? Is it truly love what they're feeling? Or just another feeling of needing a companion in life?

Monday, 23 January 2012

Streams of Life

Have you guys ever wondered about the actuality and definitive solution about how life is really like? Do we run on the daily basis as we wish accordingly or is it all predetermined by the hands of the greater power? Do we make all the choices as to what our hearts says or was it that all have been laid there upon our path? Is everything we do is part of our own action, our own options, even our own choices, or was it written all in our threads of fate?

Do you question like I do? I cannot but help and wonder about the reasons between all these wondrous wonders in life. However, I do believe about one thing for certain. That whether our life is predetermined or destined like the fates had foretold, we do shape our own life.