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Saturday, 13 July 2013

Burger Bakar Abang Burn : Al-Lazat

In the events of this holy month of Ramadhan, entrepreneurs aren't letting go of this chance to make extra good deeds to. The famous grilled burger franchise, Burger Bakar Abang Burn too, aren't missing out on this well-served opportunity to bring out the goodness of his burger people all around by eating their new burger. 

Introducing Al-Lazat, the new burger introduced to celebrate Ramadhan. This burger compromises of delicious prepped chicken strips in 'percik' sauce that is grilled till it's smokey sweet, mashed on top of crisp lettuce laden with a special secret sauce, then topped with another special Arabic white sauce, all wedged in delicious toasted buns.

I've tried it myself when it first came out last Monday, 8th of June. It is delicious. The chicken is still juicy with it's sweet oily fat when you take each bite of that tender white meat, combined with the delicious 'percik' coating. And every savoury taste came bursting out even more as you bite the burger as its whole. The tangy Arabic white sauce is the perfect combination to this sweetened herb chicken meat.

Anyhow, with the launch of this new burger, Abg Burn will take some of the profits from selling Al-Lazat and channeled it into opening another new outlet. Once the new outlet are in operation and running business smoothly, all the profits from that outlet shall be funneled to the orphanage or welfare houses.

That-a-way, as you are enjoying your new burger to it's prime deliciousness, you are also taking part in helping out with the creation of the new outlet that will benefit those in need. As a Muslim, we can take this into consideration as "amal jariah". A deed that will keep on rewarding you with pahala as long as people shall buy at this new outlet. Don't take it into present state, imagine the future where you are a part of something bigger, something much more humble and kind. So, make every burger count, let's realize this dream of theirs together. May Allah S.W.T. bless us all with our sincerity.