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Sunday, 21 July 2013

Ramadhan Buffet @ Burger Bakar Abang Burn

Anyone out there a big motherfucking fan of Burger Bakar Abang Burn? Then rejoice for Abang Burn is currently testing out a special Ramadhan Buffet at his Bandar Tasik Permaisuri outlet as a new project. As you all know, his burgers range from RM8 and more, depending on how burger-crazy you are. Like even for some of those people who ordered those insanely high tower burger (current record stands at 80), who'd guess how much Ringgit that would have costed?

But this time around, have no fear, and worry no more because with this Ramadhan Buffet (like any other buffet), you can eat as many as you want, how high you desire, how crazy or how insane as you dreamt of with just RM29.90 per pax.

Yup, with only RM29.90 (Adult) & RM14.90 (Children) per pax, eat to your hearts content. Many of Abang Burn's fan and die-hard burger-a-holics know how ludicrously awesome this is because it is not always that you get to eat tons of juicy and savoury fat beefy patties, covered in as many cheese or sauces you want, tossed in any type of veggies as you desire, wedged in under two toasted burger buns, and eat those as many as you want.

Customization is great these time around. And we all love the delicious aromatic cheesy sauce in the burgers which are also to serve Abang Burn's Sausages and Wedges, that tangy creamy delicious white Arabic sauce available other than the plain chili sauces that they provided. Other than the normal classic patties of chicken and beef, they threw in also the lamb patties too. And not forgetting the newly introduced Ramadhan-only, Al-Lazat grilled chicken patties too!!! 

Aside for the burgers itself, the buffet provides you with the rest of Abang Burn's side dishes, such as the wedges, onion rings, deep-fried mushrooms, fish fillets, sausages, and not forgetting the salamis, turkeys, and bacon available for your burger's additional kick of flavour. Bite, chow, gobble, swallow, and even stuff it all in, however you wish to do it, as the buffet is provided with tons of high-calorie deliciously fattening guilty pleasure feast. 

Well, for just RM29.90, this really is a bargain. Hurry up and get your ass hauled up to Bandar Tasik Permaisuri's Abang Burn's outlet and enjoy this limited offer only buffet while it is still grilling hot on the market. If you're planning to iftar there, they urge you to book first to allocate seating. I bet you can tell how many of them are going to be doing the same time. You don't want to end up not being able to enjoy this awesome offer while Ramadhan is only two weeks and half  left to go...


  1. sedap nya. huhu.. nk cantik cm pmpn dlm vid tu. haha

    1. hahaha... mila kunis lah tuh nong~ hahah

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