Monday, 15 July 2013

Harry Potter & Twilight : Comique en Corrélation

Hey all. How is your Monday going by so far? Mine have been good so far. Well, my boss is busy with an interview session with some VIP. I'll tell you all about it later when I have to do the transcribing. Hahaha. So, this morning, I was cruising the net looking for a particular meme by Professor Snape that Faiz pointed to one of our friend last month, and it was hilarious. Here it is.

Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!! ROFL worthy, right?! You can just simply fit this meme in any situation that you wish to turn from awkward or serious to comically insane or full of laughter. But once I dug deep enough, I found some fucking crazy hilarious other memes that other "creative" people in this whole wide world that had created. Particularly that combined both Twilight Saga and HP Series. Enjoy, and I hope this brought tears to your eyes as you are holding your stomach laughing like a hyena as it did to me.

Do, take a note though. Twilight for me is......... so and so. Which means that if I were given a chance, I would have wished that I never watched it at all. It was frustrating to watch both Kirsten Stewart as herself and her character Bella Swan, really. But, I better stop myself before I start to really turn this entry into a hate post.

Have a nice Monday, and for all the Muslim who are fasting today, let's pray we can make it through this rigorous Monday well until iftar. Insya'Allah.