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Thursday, 25 July 2013

Iftar @ Seoul Garden

Aaargggghhhh finally, after tons and tons of time asking and begging and pleading and hoping, I was finally able to step my foot into the so-called Seoul Garden. As far as I can remember, some of our classmates are like, super crazy on Korean food and so, I guess it came as natural that they'd love it. I was at first quite irritated whenever they would yap and yap about it, particularly because I was on an anti-Korean culture/K-Pop/K-Drama/whatever-it-was because it was the mainstream thing to do. *Hipster alert*

SO I dissed the idea of anything related. But after finding out that Seoul Garden is actually a BBQ and Steamboat diner, I was so excited to go, despite the Korean-heritage or whatsoever. For me, as long as the food is great, I will give credit where it's due. But I was never lucky during the whole course of three years in Unisel that we or I (for that matter) was never provided with the opportunity to go into the Mid Valley's outlet of Seoul Garden, despite knowing that my friend and I goes to OU quite a lot back then.

So, after two years of graduating, finally, I was able to finally taste the foods here at the famed- Seoul Garden. I'm not going to do any reviews on the foods as I don't really know the name of every food there are and the fact that I was focused on eating, mainly, when I'm not taking pictures of recording videos during the whole time. Luckily for us, Faiz had booked two days earlier prior to our iftar day. Apparently, there are tons of other people thinking of breaking their fast at any buffet-style place because it's totally worth it.

Since our table is secured, we took a round trip to the media center because Faiz and I were thinking of searching for an LED monitor or something of the sort because his PS3 would come out anytime soon and it would never be awesome to play awesome game with awesome graphic with processor to boot but displaying the game is an old model television, no HD whatsoever.  So, we're currently looking for any television, preferably much wider than what I have right now.

Well, we did found a good one but at the moment, none of us could fork that much of cash to buy it. Looks like we'll just have to wait for later on. After cruising here and there through the alleys of in the shop, we went down to the Seoul Garden and sat at our table. Well, needless to say, everyone, and I do mean every one. EVERY SINGLE MALAY people who are fasting all crowding each food gondola with their yellow plates, hands all crabby, ready to grab and go at their choice of seafood and delicacies.

Unlike the rest, I went to the dried foods first and there's practically just a few people over there. So, I took some samosas, spring rolls, shrimp-paste fried kang kung, and a scoop of fried rice.

And after all of the 'flies' have cleared up at the meat gondola, I was finally able to go and make my choices. I took the black pepper calamari (delicious soft, chewy, and savoury), something-calamari (good, but a little bit strong on the prep-herb), szechuan beef (is that how you spell it?) which is awesome!!! Totally awesome, seriously, curry chicken (the curry taste a lil bit too strong though), normal grilled chicken (delish-tastic!), and some prawn's fingers, since I'm lazy to dirty my hands.

So, I'm not going to talk so much now, just enjoy the photos I've compiled here.

Okay, I actually ate a lot more than just the ones I mentioned above of course. But I took my time.... like really took my time eating it all, chewing everything into small pieces so that I can stuff more food inside my belly, and it worked, really.

By the time, all of them (who rushed through it) finished with their plates of seafood and meats, I was still steadily eating the delicious squids on my plate. And soon later, they were stuffed and fulled, bloated even. But I was still keeping at my momentum and as a matter of fact, I had wish that we had more time to eat and spend time there (the buffet closes at 9.45pm. It's in a mall, you do the figuring it out.) because around the time I had finished with all of the juicy chicken strips and tender beef steaks, I was getting hungry once more.

Can you believe it? Still hungry after three plateful of various seafood, meat, and veggies and I'm still hungry. LOL. Hahahaha, for me, the key to eating at a buffet like this is to stay far, far away from any carbs and just go straight and dig in the 'fleshies' because carbs can make you full and you'll be done in just a few plates, whereas fleshies are just temporary protein and all the other nutrient sources that is absorbed in the body, so nothing filling at all.

Well, after this, I am so going to go to the Seoul Garden again, any chance that I get (I have to check my budgeting first though. Hahahaha!) because it is good and I've already knew what I like and what I want to eat there. Speaking off, I am actually feeling super hungry right now thinking off the all the delicious foods there as I write this.