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Sunday, 7 July 2013

Chrono Cross - Radical Dreamers

Those who live gloriously in the 90s during their childhood would recognise how awesome this game is. The game is awesome, with chronologically twisted plot to boot, and insanely haunting soundtrack which will leave you with a big nostalgic gaping hole of your childhood. Exaggerating? I might be, but that's the truth. Just ask any of those gamers that appreciated the time spent on this game.

One of the particular song from that game which is called 'Radical Dreamers', have the most beautifully-written lyrics on it align with the serene melody composed by Yasunori Mitsuda, and sung by Noriko Mitose. Hauntingly beautiful to the ears of man, this song have been recognised well enough to the media's attention.

Anyhow, a lot of cover have been made as a tribute to this song and one particular youtuber did an English version with a slight difference in the lyrics of the song. I'm not sure whether he wrote the lyrics or it was from another source, but the lyrics fits perfectly into the song and the meaning was still there, albeit a little different. Seeing as how the original translation of the song lyrics (which was in Japanese) into English lyrics doesn't cope with the lengthy pull of Japanese katakana.

So, we had this crazy idea of trying to do a cover of the song, with the alternate English version lyrics of course. Well, it started out as a random thing, trying to sing along with the English lyrics, and somehow we had this silly idea of singing it. We recorded our singing and I edited it into a video which I uploaded in youtube. All I can say is, for some parts of the song, it was a-okay and not too shabby, but some parts are just so dreadful because of our lack of vocal skills such as pitching and breathing technique. It sounded more like those horny or angry cats in the alley, wailing, only to be shooed away by people by splashing cold water to them. Hahahaha.

I didn't know if I'd see your face again
Long have I gone and wandered off the edge of time

I've kept the song you left clasped in my hands

A trembling light
A jewel that won't ever leave

And though the words you spoke I'll never know

To see that smile again I'll always search for you

If I could show to you my heart and soul
Across the sea
To where the angels lose their way

If I call your name will you turn to me

And catch the thread of love unbound

Take time, unwind the chains on your memory
So that they'll never sink
And fade away

Within the darkest depths of memory

A whisper echoes down a narrow winding stream

These feelings released out with no control
A radical dream
Look up at the night to console

May this prayer I spin weave through time and space

To the girl who stole the stars

Go past the sky don't you burn on a frozen flame
And we'll find a way to shape our fate

I will pull you out of the fire

And rest you if you're tired

There is no guarantee that we'll reach
The shore of another world, I beseech