Saturday, 27 July 2013

Iftar with Langat Family

Okay, I'm recently on a momentous drive of breaking my fast that has anything to do with buffet-style iftar. Not my fault really, I'm lucky enough and thankful enough to Allah S.W.T. that he blesses us with this holy month and with kindness given us sustenance to keep on living in this earth. Anyhow, this won't be a long one, I just want to share about the iftar on 20th July (Saturday last week) where after such a freaking long time, I finally had the guts to go back to my father's hometown where my father's siblings are organizing a potluck iftar.

Well, naturally, I had trouble picking an option of what to bring. You don't come to a pot-luck empty handed. It's somewhat rude and kind of selfish. The notion of asking people everywhere around to come and bring food to share but you only came with your empty space in your belly, all ready to suck everything in. So, after "careful" (as if!) consideration, which is totally on my financial approval, Farah decided she would cook Ayam Masak Merah to bring over. I was okay with that.

And so after 6.30pm I rode up the hill of Hulu Langat with my brother, on our own bikes, to Kampung Dusun Nanding. Too bad Farah couldn't come. Well, lady problems. You know the drill. Sometimes this is the reason why I refuse to bring anything to a pot-luck. There are tons of foods to be eaten already and it ended up that some of the foods are going to waste. Hopefully not, then.

As usual, our family is quite large it was fun to meet up with each other after a while. Actually they have been meeting up quite often, really. It's just that time hasn't really been a good friend of mine. And when it does, I'm always financially drowning. Even right now, I'm just barely floating in the middle of the sea, trying to get a hold of my self before I keep dragging myself deeper and more further into the ocean. It's time that I set my priorities, control my desires and swam up near the shore once again and get my footing once more.

So many delicious foods were served, buffet-style that night. From Sambal Bilis Tempoyak, Gulai Ayam, Ayam Masak Merah, Daging Masak Kicap, Tauhu Telor, Kuah Kari Ayam, Sambal tumis ikan bilis, and a couple more Malaysian staple dishes. And accompanying everyone's plate that night was the KFC that Pak Nonon (my father's little brother) bought earlier. Naturally, the rest of dishes actually went to waste. Oh well, but at least there are desserts.

Desserts?! We've got a whole tray/basket of seedless grapes, Kueh Melaka, Bubur Kacang, Bread Pudding, and the highlight dessert of that night : My auntie's Walnut Carrot Cake. Now that was my favourite that night, along with the Sambal Bilis Tempoyak, my little sister's Ayam Masak Merah and the a variety of the leafy greens (which I forgot to mention.) Anyhow. After breaking our fast, we did our Maghrib Prayer together.

And after a short while of break, we continued with Isya' and Terawih. After it was done, we continued eating whatever it is that's left, chatting, catching up with the rest of the family such as who is doing what now, who is studying where now, anybody getting married soon, and even the discussion to plan the next family iftar, which is possibly in a hotel or somewhere that has good buffet servings of foods. So, until next time then, Happy Fasting.