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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Job Hunting's A Bitch!

Whoever told you that finding a job is as easy as eating a piece of cake have never actually experience all of the frustrations of going to countless interviews and prepping up for each and one of them differently just to meet the requirements specified by the job provider. As a matter of fact, those kinds of people probably are those who were born into their jobs, have a strong "connection" to the people working at the company, or just simply lucky.

Wordless Wednessday : Massacre

We've had eight policemen killed a few days ago.
Does the responsible party wishes for something like this to happen?


Tuesday, 12 March 2013


It has been almost six months since I last jot down anything in this blog of mine. As you can see, I've left it high and dry, almost barren without anything new. My last post was about how my life was stuck in a rut and with no way to go forward and all. But for the past two months, I've had some transition in my life. Few big ones actually.