Sunday, 14 July 2013

New Games : Dragon's Dogma - Dark Arisen & The Art of Remember Me

I haven't been playing Axel for quite some time already. It was because my wireless controller was in a fix that the battery slot compartment was lose and every time I play it kept on coming off. It was frustrating. Another thing was that by using a wireless controller is costly. New batteries every single time the present ones burned out. So, recently I bought a wired port so that I can plug in my controller and used power from the console itself rather than solely relying on the batteries. And it worked well. I my controller was stabilized and there controller won't shut off every now and then. Too bad the wire is quite short though. Which means no more playing games while lying back on our mattresses from afar.

And if only I'd knew that this game outlet sells their disc for only RM8 each, I would have opted to buy my games here from now onward, rather than going back to Ampang at my usual shop at Pandan Kapital. But hey, I'm a regular customer at that shop and they've known me well enough. And they do have better far options actually. This Genius Game outlet, however doesn't have much of discs to select from. They only had two folders of it. But hey, cheap is cheap. Although intentionally, Faiz was the one who wanted to buy games there, as it turns out, I ended buying instead.

Yup, I owned this. Not as is in 'pwned', just owned it. I actually had bought this game before and played it before. But the one that I bought had a glitch at a certain point of the game, and so I had to stopped playing. This game is awesome. I tell you. One of my most favorite reason why I like these kinds of RPG is the full customisation options.

You get to create your own 'Arisen' - the hero of the game. Customise your Arisen to you hearts desire, from physical appearances (face, hair, body type, etc) to voices, and even body builds. And trust me, you can totally make your character like one motherfucking freak of nature. Big head, but small arms, and all sorts of kinky stuff. And of course, the classes, or vocations, which are used in the game. You started off with three basic ones, and branched out to a lot more. You can also change your vocation anytime you want, to suit your playing style.

As you level up higher and higher, you character gain more skills depending on the vocations you are in right now and the weapons afflicted to it. So, let's say you started off as warrior, and then knight, but chooses to become an assassin later on, you'd still be able to use the shield-wielding skills you've acquired from the previous vocation as long as it is compatible. Gameplay-wise, this game is uber awesome. I mean, really really good. Check out other reviews to find out more (too lazy to write). But I do have to mention about the  Pawn system in the game. This is also one of the main reason why this game is super awesome. You can travel in parties with your pawn, ensuring in your safety, so that you won't die quickly in matter of seconds. So, I think I'll start playing the game once more, after I'm no longer THAT busy (which I don't know when?!!!). But in the mean time, I'm dead set to play this game one more time, but this time around, I want to take the vocation path of the Magick Archer ---- awesome!!!

Ah Remember Me. I was intrigued, you know. Heroine-inspired game always have place in my quirky fascinations of an interest. While most of the screenshots of the game promises a sleek, highly-detailed landscape with beautiful cutting edge graphic, the gameplay, on the other reveals of what looked like a combination of between these modern age action games like Assassin Creed of Spiderman. The question is, how much of the world interaction will be there? 

The game looked badass enough that I figured it might suit my newly adapted gaming interest. Yup, I've taken interest to action games recently. You can tell by my interest in Spiderman, Batman (although Batman is still one of the games that I will play no matter what kind of genre it is), Assassin Creed and a few others. I still love RPG to the max though. Nothing gives me more thrill than an awesome RPG that provides hours of gaming and awesome battles with skills and so much more.

So, back to Remember Me, it looked awesome enough. I just hope that it would live up to my expectation. Although reviews around said the game needed more work and coming from IGN that rated it as 5.5 out of 10, I was actually kind of in a dilemma whether or not should I buy it. IGN really does make a great reviews and they know game so much better but sometimes what leaves us, the players, to know is our personal preferences.

So, I'm going to hook this game up, possibly playing the latter first since I've already knew what Dragon's Dogma is all about. Happy Gaming!