Friday, 12 July 2013

Burger Trip : Al-Lazat from Burger Bakar Abg Burn

Monday, 8th June. I was actually waiting for the new burger called Al-Lazat to make its debut at the Burger Bakar Abang Burn chain burger shack since the week before and I finally found out that they started selling it on that Monday (8th June) itself when I was busy checking out Facebook status updates when I saw the announcement. I didn't waste any time at all and quickly contacted Faiz to accompany me to go to Abg Burn's outlet in Danau Kota to taste this burger.

Coincidentally, Faiz wanted to stop by Festival City Mall to buy some new games since I've bought the wired port for my Xbox 360 wireless controller. It was a pain actually to play when the battery started to run out and you have to keep on spending cash to enjoy gaming to the fullest. The downside of it was that the wire wasn't all that long. So, no more lying on the bed while playing games.

At the Festival City Mall, I immediately took a pit stop at this Tako Tao stall. Yes, I love Takoyakis. Totally in love with them. Usually they have four types of fillings; ham & cheese, squid, unagi, and prawn. I love the squid ones. Totally. But since my teeth aren't that strong enough (for now) to chew through them, I decided to go for the prawn instead. But I didn't quite like this outlet's Tako though, they taste a bit .... bland? And the sauce aren't as delicious as other stalls in some other malls. Well, at least it sated my cravings. Beggars can't be choosers, right?

Next up, we finally hit the game outlet. Man, if I knew they sell cheaper Xbox games here, I would've visited more often here. They sell each disc for only RM8 whereas at my favorite shop back in Ampang, at the Playstation Store at Pandan Kapital, each disc is priced at RM10. But the shopkeeper and assistant already recognized me. I'm a regular customer there and have been a frequent patron of theirs since I first bought my PS2 back in 2004. I even bought Xbox 360 there actually too. What disc that I bought? I'll go in detail later (in a different blog post). After taking care of that small business, we finally left Festival City Mall to go to the Red Chair Station restaurant, which are just a few hundred metres away from it. The new Burger Bakar Abang Burn was situated in that restaurant compound. Truthfully, I've been there before.

Yup. I went there when that branch finally opened. I was keeping up with the dates posted in their Facebook page to know when will they open the Danau Kota outlet. Danau Kota is the only outlet that is closest to Sentul anyway. When I first went there, I forced Faiz to follow me and Bad as I wanted to try it out. Honestly, I never cared that much before but as curious-as-a-cat-person that I was, I need to know what is all the fuss with these burgers. Are they really that good? Or is it really just that so many people are fanning the smoke that the 'fire' looked big enough? If you know what I mean.

And it was. See that picture? As one of the few customers that ventured in their new outlet, our photograph was taken. It was their tradition, taking pictures of the few early customers that went to splurge at their newly opened outlet. Anyway, since that experience. I finally understood the 'power' of the burger. It is marvelous, really. Although I dare not order the 'Tower Burger' expansion, which is all the rage, that make them so famous. I was full enough with just a double patty burger.

They actually don't have that much of an option for type of burgers really. The thing about them is the customization of your burger. You can request to add extra patty as much as you want, 'towering' up as they are piled on, change the patty from chicken to beer to mutton or lamb, layers of cheese, or even take up a side of cheesy sausages, onion rings, or even their pride addition of meatballs and cheesy wedges. Take your pick. Check out here for their detailed explanation of the menu.

My first time, though, I opted for a Supremo Beef Burger with an extra chicken patty. And that was even fulfilling enough. Just that. But this time around, I wanted to try the new burger, Al-Lazat. If you haven't noticed, I really love chicken burgers that are made with real chicken strips, not the processed patty ones. That's why I am more inclined to have a taste of this burger, no matter what! Was it good? Too lazy to write. But it is good, really. You should try it out. I ordered the burger while Faiz tried the classic burger with extra chicken patty instead. And as he already felt attached to it during his first experience, he can't miss out on ordering the meatball again. This time around, I actually asked for the cheesy sausages to pair with the burger as I didn't know how to combo everything during my first time. Well, duh. 

Anyway, what about all Al-Lazat? I'm not going to  Hahahahahaha. Wait for my next post. I'll tell you all about it.

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  1. Tak sabar nak baca next post.
    so saya dah pergi rasa al-lazat sendiri.

    memang terbaek. saya selalu pergi yang ampang. Tapi dah ada Kat Danau Kota, pergi Danau Kota la...dekat sikit.
    Servis kat sini pon mantap, cepat pon cepat.

    haaa...pendek kata, namanya mmg sesuai dengan rasanya... tuh yang kacau ni...bulan2 pose buat teringat!


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