Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Relationship Status : Single?

Being in a relationship. That is what all the youngster nowadays seek for. Like every meaning in life such as school, education, social quota, family, friends, work, and any kind of bounded destiny in their life means nothing. Being a typical relationship is what matters. They say they're in love but how naive can someone be? Is it truly love what they're feeling? Or just another feeling of needing a companion in life?

And this is why I wonder. What is it that my heart keeps on longing? To feel love? To feel the warmth of another person in my heart? To know that someone else care for me as I do to them? To have someone to fall back on in times of need and despair? To feel the hard-pumping heart rushes with the adrenaline course? or was it just to have another person to share my life with?

Can a person live without having a life companion? Would it be that devastating to the soul or emotion to walk through the path of life alone? Would it really be that bad? Taking myself as an example, I've been single for my whole life, without a companion by my side. And the truth is that while I got a lot of free time to think up about all of the other things in life without having to consult to another person, or at the very least make all of the choices in my life without having to think about the other person, it does get pretty damn lonely. You'd get stuck wondering about what would it feels like to have someone to hold your hands in your times of need, place your in their arms in warmth, having someone to laid back on while gazing at the starry night sky, what it would be like to cuddle by the beach or just by the bedside, what it would really felt to be LOVED.

And sometimes those wondrous thoughts inject themselves into our sole-ridden heart and plant a seed of jealousy to bloom in full strength. Likewise, I have been feeling jealous and envious to other couples for a LONG time already and I'm telling you that it ain't pretty. It creates this void in your heart that sucks up all of your happiness and turns them into a fitting rage where you feel like as if you could just kill all of the people in love near you. It's not that you could control how this feeling grows. The more you feel the need to have someone in your life, the more powerful the green-eyed monster will be.

But aside from the lying in rest green-eyed monster, being single is really not all that bad. Survival-wise, you'd be able to save up money for future usage rather than spending it all on your other half. Social-wise, you'd be able to equally balanced your relationship standards with both your family and friends. Education-wise, you'd be able to concentrate more on studying rather than going out on dates other things. Trust me, when they say that love can be a very motivating aspect to study, it will only last for a teeny tiny moment. And finally, you'd be able to stand on your own two feet, without having the need to have another hand to hold while walking the treacherous path of life....

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