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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Ironic Racism

A poem by Saroja Subbiah:

Dear White Fella,
When I am born I'm black
When I grow up I'm black
When I am sick I'm black
When I go out ina sun I'm black
When I git cold I'm black
When I git scared I'm black
And when I die I'm still black

But you white fella
When you're born you're pink
When you grow up you're white
When you git sick you're green
When you go out ina sun you go red
When you git cold you go blue
When you git scared you're yellow
And when you die you're grey
And you got the cheek to call me colored?

This poem was disseminated among the Maori staff in a New Zealend government office.
*This excerpt was taken from the book of Steven Pinker (2007), Stuff of Thought. All copyrights reserved. I do not own anything.*