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Thursday, 26 January 2012

Transportation : Public or Personal

Sure, everyone needs to get somewhere from point A to point B in under any circumstances. But everyone do it differently. Some opted for public transportation while others prefer using their own form of transportation. In this case of owning your own transportation, most people would either have a car, or a motorcycle. That would normally do for an average person. Aside from the common two, personal transportation vehicle can be one these; vans, lorries, or even some have their private drivers (limousine).

While those who can afford it, they'd be the kind of people I spoke of above, while the rest of the part would opt to choose public transportation as their method of getting to a destination. Be it either buses (shuttles or down-town), taking the train or even hailing a cab. There is nothing wrong with taking up on public transportation as your colloquial needs as there are few winning pointers to these public transportation.

Taking up Malaysian public transportation system as an example, we've got the normal shuttle buses which runs up on almost every main road in the city and suburbs, to take up passengers into and out of the city, and for the few lucky ones, who lives nearby the LRT (light railway train), they'de be having no hustle and bustle to get into the city in no time. As the name implied, the LRT takes up less more time than taking a bus to the city. It's not that expensive and highly recommendable for everyone to take it to get to work and also to get around. Unlike taking the bus, trains take up less time because their trails are up above the main roads and it doesn't get hindered by the traffic at all. Buses however, had to stick to using the roads and high probably get stuck in traffic. They also need to take up more time taking up passengers from one bus stop to another until they finally reach to the city. 

But even little electrical appliances can fail at the most endearing of time, what makes the LRT any less better? During a heavy thunderstorm or even a glitch in the wiring can cause the train system to be aborted. And when that happens, passengers (be it both in the train or waiting for the train) would have to endure a strenuous amount of time waiting for everything to get back as it supposed to be... 

- Recent event last month which happened to me (of course!) when I was on my way back to home from work and there was a heavy thunderstorm mass approaching the middle of Kuala Lumpur and many things were blown away. And unfortunately for me some big trees got struck by a massive force of wind and fell down on the train tracks. I was stuck at the train station for about one hour. And everywhere around the city, traffic amass like crowds of people.

Anyway, to sum it up, I actually prefer public transportation rather than personal transportation. Although having our own car and driving to get to my destination is definitely satisfying, there's so much fuss over it. There's gas to cover, traffic to consider, and monthly maintenance to flow cash into. However, you do have to consider the practicality over which to choose according to your lifestyle, where you work and live, daily spending, and cash in your purse. Choose wisely.