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Thursday, 21 June 2012

Divas Made an Effort : Part One

When I was in college (UNiSEL), I was part of this large group of friends and we had tons of fun together. If you have been my follower on my previous blog,, you would know of it. Since all of the outings we did together was posted on that blog. I kept it for the sake of the memories of all the wonderful things we had together. But that is another story. One of my friend from that gang told me that when we finished our college years, we would all go our separate ways and will eventually gotten farther away from each to the point that no one really seemed to care about one another.

While it is a plausible deniability to defer from that POV, I believed that if really put our heart to it, we can break the social taboo which was predetermined by that belief. And so, the divas (Faiz, Mira, and myself) made an effort in any way we can to get together at least once in a blue moon to catch up on each other or just to have fun. Counting from the beginning of this year, we managed to get together for three times already.

The first time was when we went to Nilai. Faiz, which when I first knew him, lived at Kajang. But during the course of our degree during the final year, his family had moved to Bandar @nstek, Nilai. So, it was harder for me to hang out with him, being far away and all. When he lived in Kajang, I used to come over from Ampang just to hang out with him at mamak's place and anywhere along the lines of interests in Kajang. But when he moved away, it is no longer a viable option to hang out every weekend when he is far away at Nilai.

And so, we planned to meet up on a fortunate Sunday, where all three of us were finally free of our busy schedule to hang out. Since neither of us wanted to drive all the way Nilai, both Mira and I took the train to Nilai instead.

We had brunch at this place in Pekan Nilai, where we catch up on vicious gossips or drama updates about each other's life. While they we busy chatting, I was busy eating my Nasi Lemak of course....

However surprisingly, Faiz actually drove us all the way from Nilai, back to Kajang because honestly, there was less things to do in Nilai than there is in Kajang. Arriving at Kajang, I begged forced Faiz to drove over to Metropoint Kajang because I was itching for Starbucks.

We were joined by his ex-students in SMK Saujana Impian. We stayed at Kajang for quite some time until it was already time to go back to Nilai. Amazing how time went by so fast when we're having fun chatting up with our friends. By the time we reached Nilai, the three of us were already hungry. And so we hit up the A&W franchise in Pekan Nilai.

Aaaah... it had been such a frigging long time that any one of us had eaten at A&W and how delightful it was that the comeback was greeted with delicious new combos and burgers. But alas, I still love the waffles they have there. Delish! *Read what I like about A&W here*

And before we turned the day over and go back to our respective lives, we actually stopped by at Dataran Nilai because Faiz told us it is quite a recreational place. Aside from it to be a very large field where children, couples, and family roaming about here and there, it is actually a very interesting recreational area. People were flying kites, tons of stalls by the side, if you ever have the needs to chew something or even buy some toys. There's a lot to see there actually. *Read more about Dataran Nilai through my perspective*

And that actually concludes our first outing together where all three of us really did make an effort to travel all the way to Nilai, just to hang out with each other. We strive to keep this friendship alive and upbeat, without the hassle of having to meet so much. Just once in a while was enough to maintain the tightness of that bond. We have no further needs to indulge in daily chatter or social interaction through Facebook 24/7 just to keep it steady. And honestly, we don't even text that much. But when we meet up, everyone is a chatter, more or less a chat-tee, give or take. Turn-taking, as they may call it.

But seriously, you can keep a friendship alive even if you are far away from each other. Even if you might have lost your friend's phone number or too busy to schedule a gathering or outing, to wrapped up and tied up with work, or even cash-strapped tight at the moment. You can try to make it work, all it needs is just some effort to be made.

Ko perasan ko diva?
Poyo habis.