Sunday, 24 June 2012

Divas Made an Effort : Part Two & Three

Again, it's not hard to try and keep friendship even when you're far apart. Although the distance between spaces and time may hinder the effectiveness, if it try hard enough, you'll get it. After our first gathering at Nilai, we got together at Syeksen 2, Shah Alam, where we had KFC for brunch, and head to Secret Recipe for tea time. Too bad I've totally forgotten to take pictures on that occasion itself. The only picture of that occasion was the one above. And that is our second gathering. Last two weeks, however, we managed to get together, only because of a spontaneous decision made my by Faiz.

I was actually torn between going to Pahang for my relative's wedding or going to Kuala Kubu Bharu (which shall be referred as KKB from now on) to hang out with both Faiz and Mira. Fortunately for me, the transportation vehicle which was agreed to be used to go back to Pahang was full, and my siblings and myself included had to be left behind, which was a good thing for me. At least I get to go to KKB without any feelings of guilt.

But how unfortunately stupid for me as I arrived at the Bandar Tasik Selatan KTM Station, I had to wait there for more than two hours just to board the train to Tanjung Malim. Why? Because the KTM map guidance wasn't clear enough to tell us all that if we are heading for Tanjung Malim, we had to go to Rawang station first, and then change to another platform to board the train heading to Tanjung Malim. Couldn't they have just drew a much more clearer map that shows that kind of directions???

Anyway, as soon as I arrived, Faiz picked me up and we went straight ahead to Kuala Selangor for a heavy lunch since Mira had to cancel on us on that day because of some pending workload. Faiz told me that he had not eaten pizzas for two months already and he was craving for it. Although we would prefer to have pizza at Domino, there wasn't any outlet of it nearby and the closest was only Pizza Hut. And so we settled for Pizza Hut instead. Read about what we had there, here.

Finally, after stuffing ourselves to no end, we went to the mall behind Tesco Kuala Selangor and catch Madagascar 3 movie. Man, they've really done it this time and it ended with the bang. I particularly like the circus scene where everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves so much and Katy Perry's Firework song was playing as the BGM. It was epic, at least in a cartoon-ish way. As much as I really do love all of the Madagascar movies, they should quit while they're ahead because this time around, they ended it really well. I hope they don't make another one, in fears that it might spoil it.

After the movie, it was time to finally hit the deck, but not directly to bed. We high-tailed it back to KKB to Faiz's house, but not before stopping by Darul Quran to bring some of his workload home.

Oh yeah, for your information, he was offered a position as an English Proficiency lecturer for the students undertaking various courses there. He showed me around the campus, which for me doesn't looked much like a campus, but more of a resort/villa surrounding. And seeing as how KKB is essentially nearby to the Fraser Hill, the air was cold and breezy. 

At that moment when he showed me around, I was actually jealous of him. How he is finally shaping his life into the carrier that he liked: teaching. It's good to know that he's working the kind of life he wanted, while I'm still scrapping by the end of the line, tossing my net again and again into the water, hoping to finally catch something with my teeny tiny net. Get my drift?

We finally head back to his house, where I was treated to a Persona 4 anime-thon (which I didn't finish) before continuing to a much better marathon of The Big Bang Theory Season 5 (which I also didn't finish), before surrendering to fatigue and exhaustion.

On the next day, Mira texted Faiz saying that she would make it and to meet us up at Unisel, and so we did. Which then Mira told us of this cafe at the suburban town of Kuala Selangor called 'Kafe Ice'.

Seeing as we aren't all that much of a fussy group, we agreed to it. Surprisingly, all of the items and presentations of the sorts reminds me of the same cafe like the one back at Bestari Jaya called Purple Cafe. For outsiders, they might not know about it, but all Unisel students are well informed of this cafe.

They served great fusion foods between Chinese to Western, and thirst-quenching drinks such as the delicious Pearl Milk Tea to sweet and savory flavored shaved ice, or most commonly known as ABC. And the 'Kafe Ice' had almost the same representation of dishes and drinks. Their only difference was just a slight change in the menu items, and specialties.

But it isn't really such a bad place. If you're on a budget roll when you're around the area, this place would be great for fulfilling, yet affordable meals. Once we're done eating, it was time to get back to our own lives, that is to go back and live our daily week-a-day lives, in the hopes that we will soon see each other again. If you're wondering when did we ever chat? While travelling, of course. Faiz's car is like a moving social chat-room with great air-conditioning (the windows) and upbeat background music ( radio channel). After dropping Mira off at Unisel, then Faiz drove us straight back to KKB KTM Station, where we he waited with me until the train came, accompanying me.

And that is another mission successfully accomplished. See, it wasn't really all that hard to keep friendship alive, be it even once in a fucking while.

If 1 + 1 is 2,
then there are no such things
as friendship.