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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

You are what you eat!

Staying in shape can be a strain on some people, as do I. Who wouldn't? With all of the delicious foods (not to mention the junk ones), who could opt to stay in shape? Everything out there is scrumptiously tempting and there's no fucking way you could resist the urge to splurge and dine at your heart's desire. But some people take their love for foods so much that some people became ....

Now, that's creepy, right? But for all the food lovers out there (myself including), we knew the risk of our dangerous hobby. Sweet delicious ice cream with hot fudge, crispy brown sandwiches with delicious meatloaf and cheese on the inside, juicy tender steaks, silky smooth pastas, and delectables sweets and junkies are so much the world can offer, not to be turn down. I gave up quickly when it comes to foods. I can hardly resist even the smallest of sweet glazed pastries to the most humongous sausages at sight. 

They say that once you go fat, it's hard to turn back. Yes, it does. But with a little patience and a lot of hard work, you can be fit again, once you've turn fat. Hopefully. But to some of the normal people out there, they can't stand the sight of themselves gaining even just a little bit of weight. They see themselves as fat even though they aren't.

Compare to the obese, there types of people are much more in health danger zone because most of the people results into extreme dieting that leaves them into anorexic disorder. They barf up whatever they've eaten, they strained themselves even from eating, and they exercises or jogs excessively to burn all of the fats and calories. Little that they know that those kinds of behaviours are unhealthy. They will lose nutrients and vitamins in their body, immune system dysfunctional, and even worse, they could even die of malnutrition.

However, there are a certain few out there that are incredibly lucky to be born with the gene to burn those fats faster. They called it hyper metabolism burner. Every food that goes into them get dissected and analysed faster than normal people does. The vitamins and nutrients are quickly stored into their body and the fats and calories are quickly burned for easier digestion. No matter how much they eat or how fattening the food is, they would always managed to retain their shape well and slender. How I wish I was one of these few people. 

But let's face it, it is hard to stay both healthy and in shape at the same time. You can, but you'll need to have a strong will to do it. Regardless to say, I'm not one of them. I'm the kind of people who lives by the motto of "I'll eat whatever I want, but I will try my best to stay in shape...or at least not to turn fat!"