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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Black Valentine

a few days more to go and the arrival or saint valentine's martyrs day shall commence......... or what most young people nowadays would called it, Valentine's Day. It's the very day that most loving couple wait for, and dreaded by those who are either helplessly alone, or heart-broken. It can be either one of the reasons why some people hate Valentines. Yes, despite the love and share and for some, excitement, over this particular day, there are some people who fucking hate and despise this day. Reasons? TONS. I'll be conducting this entry on this matter on one side of the force; the one who hates it.

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I guess it is common to view the celebrated Christian's Martyr day as one of those days which you dread the most not because of what the day is, but the people celebrating it making it much worse. People who are drunk in love celebrating love and care all around the whole wide world, sending out chocolates with bouquet and bouquet of flowers of variety in colour (mostly in pink or red roses) to their loved ones.

These days, the custom for Valentine's day may differ from several places. In Japan, the girls will try their best to bake chocolate cakes or cookies, or buy chocolate bars, wrapped it nicely, and gave it to their crushes or their loved ones. In other countries, such as ours, both sides of the couple can offer up to buy the chocolates or flowers. Both the guys or the girls. But enough about the tradition, I'm here to deliver the hatred of Valentines, not the love.

Why most people hate Valentine's day was because of all the love around them. Most of the main reason a person hates it was because they are either single or they're alone. Being single has it's advantages, but when it comes to love, a person can not but feel helpless and sad for being alone with a companion. Where others flaunt their love in the public, these lonely people will feel sad for themselves for not having someone to share their feelings and emotions.

For some people, they despise the thought of people flaunting their love in public. Too showy or too arrogant, the mind would think. If you love someone, isn't it enough to let that one person know? Must it be that the whole world come witness to it all? It's repulsively selfish and Hippocratic. The spread love messages in the air, to deliver dozens of flowers to the workplace of their loved ones, and to set up a romantic date in expensive restaurants. Why must is that only on that particular day, that you MUST do all that? Why can't you do that in any of the other days?

We also hate Valentine's day because for some particular ones, special cases, they got broken-hearted on the day itself. Funny how ironic it is to be dumped, or got broken-hearted on the day where people celebrates and cherishes love. Right? I don't know what to think of the person who dumps people on that day. Whether they are a sadist or just simply 'loco'....

So, for the mean time, while I'm still alone, I would call it, a Black Valentine's Day. Since, I do not celebrate it, I don't have someone to spend it with and I don't particularly enjoy the scenic romantic views of other couples. Just because I hate it doesn't mean I don't like it, I just wish they took it elsewhere and don't shove it to my face. But for you readers out there that celebrates it, have a Happy Valentine's Day. I wish for all the happiness in the world for you guys...