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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Hot Breakfast 'On The Go'

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Life of the office worker can sometimes be very hectic and timely expensive. They simply have no way to sit and enjoy a satisfyingly hot or warm breakfast or even grab a bite without constantly looking at the watch, hoping that they won't be late. But a brilliant company called as the 'Hot-Can' has created a revolutionary smart packaging of hot beverages for the go that is self-heating.

They've introduced a new way for people to pick up the pace on a hot breakfast and still be on time to work. They've introduced this easy way of having hot drinks that require no extra effort in boiling up water or such. All you need to do is achieved by three simple steps (explanation and example below). They've come up with four different kinds of drinks to satisfy the differential needs of the modern society. Click to see their product on its official website.

But what fancies myself to get attached to this brand is not because of their drinks, but rather on the new type of product: SOUP.

They've come up with a total of four different soup to cater to the non-homogeneous palate of our mixture of cultural diversity: Asparagus, Tomato, Chicken, and the traditional Mushroom soup. I stumbled on this item when I was re-shuffling the stocked items at the store I was working in at the moment. When I first saw it, I thought,

"what the fuck?"

But then I thought of giving it a try. And to my surprise, it is very delicious and surprisingly convenient to prepare it. As the company itself explain in their website, the purpose for this brand of item is to utilize our active lifestyles that demands speed and convenience. This is why this product is deemed to be very expedient to our needs. 

All you need to do can be explain in three simple steps.

First, take the can and place it upside down. Remove the seal at indicated, and press at the activation pointer in the center. Press it approximately about half an inch until you can hear a 'crunch' sound.

Without turning the can (the can is still upside down), shake the can vigorously gently from side to side to ensure proper activation. This process will take about 20 seconds or so, which then you can then feel that the can is getting warmer.

Once the can has started to react and gets hot, turn the can to its rightful position and let it stay still for 3 minutes or so, to ensure that soup is being heated thoroughly (you will know when or what by the indication on the can itself). And once you're done, the soup is ready to be drink.

You will find that the soup won't be too hot for your tongue that it will get burned, and the soup is properly cooked. All that is left to do is to enjoy the soup while you're still on the go. The practicality of this hot-can self-heating packaging system is that you can do this practically anywhere; while on the bus, train, while walking to your office, or even as you are working your way through your first task in the office during the morning. *Just don't do it during driving, it's fucking dangerous to shake and drive at the same time, right?*

And the best part of it is that it's just like most canned drinks, where you could hold it easily, and casually there'd be no spills. It is environmentally and humanly safe, plus, it is even recyclable. This is what people revered as pure genius, where practicality in simplicity is much more sought after. You can read more about this company and it's product or the science behind the self-heating packaging by clicking at the picture below.