Monday, 23 January 2012

Streams of Life

Have you guys ever wondered about the actuality and definitive solution about how life is really like? Do we run on the daily basis as we wish accordingly or is it all predetermined by the hands of the greater power? Do we make all the choices as to what our hearts says or was it that all have been laid there upon our path? Is everything we do is part of our own action, our own options, even our own choices, or was it written all in our threads of fate?

Do you question like I do? I cannot but help and wonder about the reasons between all these wondrous wonders in life. However, I do believe about one thing for certain. That whether our life is predetermined or destined like the fates had foretold, we do shape our own life.

How the streams of life went in our life goes on through all the choices we make in life. Be it good or bad, it will open up a new path. Our life is laid upon a long path and all of the choices we made in our life will determined where we will go.

Imagine our life is like a flowing river. The current is steadily flowing to the current path laid upon by the greater power. And there's tons of branching of the river (choices in life) until it finally reaches the sea (death). Each branch will either raise the water level, or lower it. Henceforth, every choices we make during the course will determine whether the river will be full of water by the end of the coast, or dry up not before it even reaches downhill.

Do you get it?

But I still do wonder of how sometimes that how some of our choices are made for us without our noticing....

- photos taken from Photobucket image search site.