Thursday, 16 February 2012

Forgotten Roy Allen & Frank Wright

Okay, I'm going to give you guys a head start guess.

Roy Allen
Frank Wright

Who are these people?

Okay, for you guys out there, who managed to guessed it correctly, well done. But for those who did not know who these two are, let me tell you. These two are the men responsible for the founding of our deliciously brewed root beer which originated from Lodi, California. Yes, that's right, these two are the founder of A&W, the world famed delicious Root Beer and its floats. 

My issue for today is the steadily increment numbers of people who are more and more forgetting about this fast food chain restaurant. Though it has been known to all about the perilous dangers of competing other fast food restaurants in the nation world wide, A&W, however seems to lack in desire for the fast urban rage over customers choosing their daily diet. There are less adverts about them, and even less promotions coming out from them. It is as if they lack the desire to compete at all. 

With it, I wouldn't totally blame A&W for the lack in driving business, because it is as if they knew that they would never compete with the remaining fast food companies such as McDonald's, KFC, Pizza Hut, Dominos, Burger King, and others. They seem to understand that their products are not that catchy as the others. 

As a customer myself, I actually think that their foods aren't really all that bad. Although I honestly don't fancy their burgers or their Coney Dog, I actually love their side dishes much, much more. They do have a lot of selection of burgers and even last weekend, when I went to the A&W outlet at Nilai, they had these new (or at the very least I think it is) Double Mozza Burger. It had  some funky turkey ham which was deep-fried well and became these scrumptiously delicious crispy layer in the middle of two beef patties. They kept on trying new and new recipes for burgers to attract customers but  I've always had my eyes only on their side dishes. Such as;

Yes, I am definitely in love with these two items. I love how A&W was the first to popularized curly fries rather than the normal straight cut fries. Having it curly may not be that much different in taste, but it's much more fun to eat those which are more funkier than the usual. And despite that they are also the first to popularized onion rings to Malaysian taste bud due to the unusual origin of the onion ring itself. Most people wouldn't cross their minds about making or eating onion deep fried with battered flour. Adding to the these two items, I am also in love with their waffles.

Although they have two types of serving for their waffles, such as the honey and butter sauce, I love their waffles topped with ice cream much better. The sensation of hot waffles and cold frosty ice cream is a delicious symphony inside your mouth. A fine delicacy to the food-worshippers (such as myself).

With this kind of treats, why would I ever forget about A&W? But that's the sad truth about our present hours. More and more people are forgetting about A&W, All American Food. For those Malaysian readers out there, why don't you take a minute out and get yourself some delicious frothy creamy fizzling Root Beer Float on a hot sunny day. I promise you that it would do you heaven~

Till then, let's have some fun at the A&W!