Sunday, 12 February 2012

Dataran Nilai

Usually I promise myself to stop on updating all about the daily things that I go through and just update on all of the things that I question. But I can't help myself from repeating the same thing that I did for my last blog which was to update on the outings that I went. However, this is probably going to be a bit different from my usual "outing" posts. I'll talk just about one particular spot in a post and go babbling on and on about it.... Crazy? Like you don't know me.

Anyway, on the fated 12th February 2012, all of the "mulut celupar + cilakak" divas decided to gather up and have gossip about hot and new stories and the location for all the 'rumor-spreading' activity was in Nilai, Seremban (for international readers out there, it is located in Malaysia). 

Unlike the other open field space I've been (such as the Dataran Merdeka, Dataran Shah Alam, or Dataran Melaka), Dataran Nilai is definitely a different one. Crowded by lots of families on the weekdays, you could only imagine how much people are there during the weekends, have a piece of relaxation with their family. But of course they came on the late afternoon, right when the sun is no longer gloriously shining down upon the earth its scorching hot rays.

There are actually a few other attractions here by the Dataran Nilai. Like what we've find most interesting was, the horses they actually had there. I'm not pretty sure whether they people there let you ride it or not, but they do let us pet it and take picture with it.

 And this one particularly horse has a very cute bangs on its head. And it looked so damn adorable! My friend Mira was so enthralled with it and kept on rubbing down its neck and pet it over and over until my frined Faiz and I realized something else has risen to the extreme caring affections Mira gave to it.

I'll just let the picture above do all the talking. Hehehehe......... anyway. On more to it. More or else like a Dataran, the attraction to this open space was not the parade sidewalks for the marching or anything, but more to the field in the middle itself. Kids were playing all around, either football or just playing tag, everyone was having fun all over, without stepping on other people's toes. If you get what I mean. 

And aside from kiddies games like that, there are constant blow of breeze, allowing people to fly kites there. There are also stalls set up by the side for people to buy toys, kites, gifts, and even foods for snacking if people were to get hungry.

Although it was but more than a brief moment that we spent the time there, it was enough to know that it wasn't such a bad place at all. For all those Malaysians out there, who haven't had the time to visit Nilai, do so. I'm not telling you guys to go there just for the Dataran, you'd be surprised how up and running Nilai is right now. Check out Bandar Baru Nilai too! Who could have guessed that they even had some of the noted fast food restaurants around. Such as; Ice Room, Tutti Frutii, Burger King, and a couple more which is aside from our usual cliche of McDonald's, KFC, and Pizza Hut.

So, take some time off and head to Nilai and have a great recreational fun. Till then, keep on pondering about the mysterious things of the universe.