Wednesday, 20 June 2012

New Dishes at Pizza Hut

As you all might and have already know, Pizza Hut recently has aired in the radio that they had a line of new items in their foods selection, namely on of the Pizza known as the Steak Pizza. Seeing as how Faiz and I haven't eaten at Pizza Hut for a loooooooong time already (and I do mean long...the last time I ever ate at Pizza Hut was last year), we wanted to go and try out some of the few new dishes there.

Well, they are not lying when they exuberantly informed media that they had new dishes in the house. Well, I'm not quite sure for how long have they got this dishes coming along now because I haven't been paying attention to newspaper or the media advertisement; be it magazines, radios, television, and others. But our mission on that particular day itself was to taste these new dishes that everyone (or not all of them) are talking about. 

And truth be told, there were actually a lot of new dish to try out. At one point of the moment during the time which order are being taken by the server, I almost thought of ordering five to six main courses, just to try it out. And essentially I would! Of course I would not be able to finish it all (for some reason, I can no longer eat as much as I used to) because I would just be trying each one out to know how they taste, but, alas, I did not have the extra cash to try it all, and so did Faiz. And so we end up ordering the Steak Pizza, and a couple of side dishes. Which are:

Favorite's Platter
- They still have the old "Hut's Platter" which included the Tempura Prawns, Calamari Rings, Criss-cut Fries, and something else, but this new dish was chosen by me because I had to try out the new Chicken Cheese Tortilla wrap that was included along with the Criss-cut Fries and Sweet & Spicy Chicken Drummet.

Sadly, the attraction of the Chicken Cheese Tortilla is not that appealing. Though I can credit the tortilla and its fillings to be delicious and well-made, the tortilla wrap however, tasted a tad bit too salty. Thankfully the lime mayonnaise sauce complements well with it. And Pizza Hut would never ever go wrong more with their delicious chicken. The drummets are delicious and flavorful. Fries.......well, you know how they taste like. Ehe~!

Roasted Sesame Tempura King Prawn Spaghetti
- wow. That sure is one long name for a dish. Onto the Pasta section, there's actually three new pasta that they've introduced but Faiz chose this one instead. 

Aiyah, I never seem to get why Pizza Hut's dishes catalog always seemed more appealing than the dishes itself. I know that it is a approved food display license to make it look interesting enough to pique the customers interests to order it, but I don't think there's any harm in actually garnishing or at presenting it a in a proper presentation. Honestly, what do you think when you saw this? 

Well, not to judge a book by its cover, the taste itself is actually quite good. If your favorite at Pizza Hut is somewhere along the lines of the Aglio Olio dish, then this dish would be something that you would want to try out. They have the same soft silky texture of the Olio, and I can actually taste the sesame flavor. However, I seem to have missed the 'roasted' part. Oh well. But it does taste good. 

Everything taste well together and each flavor is incorporated well together. I wonder how it will taste if I asked it to be made with fettuccine instead. Hahaha~ But, as always, the Tempura King Prawn is a winning delectable, no matter where you pile it on the dish. Be it in the Hut's Platter, as pizza toppings, or even on this dish, the succulent sweet taste of the prawn and the crunchy batter on the outside is a symphony of delicious food.

Smoked Deli Wings
- Surprisingly, they've either cut off the Sweet & Spicy Wings or, they no longer make that dish anymore. I fancy the latter than this Smoked Deli Wings though. Although these wings aren't categorized in the new food section, I felt the need to cover this one too because we ordered this dish too.

And this is the MAIN reason why I don't like it at all. Because these wings don't look edible enough for me. It looked like some naked parts of the chicken. And for an ornithophobic person as myself, I can't even stand to look at this 'naked' parts of the chicken because they somehow reminds me of the actual 'bird' itself.

But let's not dabble on self-centrism here and focus on being professional here. Despite the look, the Smoked Deli Wings is actually not that bad. The smoky flavor is perfectly sprayed across the chicken and it gave this unique flavor of sweet and juicy tender meat to the wings.

 Lime Pepper Chicken Chop
- among the rest of the new dishes available, the Western Favorites section actually attracts all of my attention. I was actually torn between the two choices of the Lime Pepper Chicken Chop (above) and the something-herbal-or-something chicken chop (which I didn't choose). There was actually two main difference between the first dish and the second one.

The first difference was the chicken itself : peppery (vs) herbal
and the second difference was the sauce : onion sauce (vs) brown sauce

And seeing as how I've  tasted a lot of brown sauce in these few months, I though about giving the onion sauce a try. Without these two differences, both chops have the same accompanying sides; mashed potato and broccoli & carrot sticks.

Well, at this point, you no longer have any trust in Pizza Hut's presentations anymore because they made it so effortlessly that no matter how revolting the dish may looked like, you'd just chow it down your throat anyway. That'll teach me to never have any faith in Pizza Hut's food presentations capabilities any longer.

Onto the taste. Let's start with the sides first. Broccoli and carrot sticks, need I say more? Mashed potato. Okay, this is actually a tricky one. Conferring to the KFC's mashed potato, this version of mash is really much better because I can tell that this is the kind of mash that they made with butter and milk, rather than just potato and starch like other common ones. It is light and creamy, like all mash should be.

I think the creamy onion sauce doesn't really complement the chicken that well, and actually, you could just eat the chicken on its own and it would still be delicious. The sauce actually lack flavors or put it bluntly, taste. I seriously don't taste anything at all. It just tasted like milk, and sauteed onions. Well, I do not know any way else to explain how the sauce taste like. The chicken on the other hand was perfectly grilled (or baked, whichever it was) and tasted delicious. I can taste the peppery flavor and it reminded me of Ayamas's Pepper Chicken, only, much better. Though I think that the lime fizz flavor had been soaked away by the onion sauce. Overall, it is actually quite good but this dish takes quite some time to be made and I had to wait for quite some time for it.

Assam Boi Fizz
- this is actually not a dish. Hahahahaha! Well this is actually what I ordered for my refreshment. I've always loved Assam Boi, be it in a form of drink, the dusty ones you put one fruits, or even the treat itself. So, it made sense to me that I just had to try this one out.

Well, at the very least they didn't like THAT much from their catalog presentation and this actually resembles quite a lot from the book. I can taste the apple extract and lime fizz in this drink but to my biggest disappointment was that there's not a single drop assam boi liquid-tasted at all. Don't you find it disappointing that an assam boi drink doesn't even taste of assam boi at all.

OH YEAH, I had almost forgotten. Our Steak Pizza came really really (I mean REALLY) late, and we had finished all of the side dishes while waiting. By the time it had arrived, we were bloated full on the side dishes that we had it packaged for take-away instead. So, I'm terribly sorry for not uploading it and sharing how it tasted because by the time we ate it later that night, it was already cold. 

Well, I guess that concludes it for now. I know this is really not a professional take on food criticism but at least I tried. Oh, and I'm terribly sorry about the quality of these images as per I'm only using my 2MP Blackberry camera. My digital camera was broken and I had no means of cash to have it repaired, so for the mean time, bear with the ugliness. Hahahaha....

*By the way, how many times have you guys encountered the strings of cheese melting when you bite something over? 

No, not really.
I like Domino better.