Sunday, 18 August 2013

The Smurfs Premier Screening @ TGV One Utama

I know this is kind of a very late post but I don't want to waste these cute cam-whoring selfies which I took with Odie, a friend of mine who is also a blogger. You can check out her blog here at If You Seek Odie. So, I have to thank Nuffnang so very much for the invites to the Premiere Screening of The Smurfs 2 : Nice Gets Naughty. Since somewhere in the previous years, I also received the invitation for the first Smurfs movie by Nuffnang, I felt somehow lucky that I was again selected for the second installment of Smurfs screening too. Thank you, Nuffnang.

So, the screening was on the 5th of August, the last week of Ramadhan which is like, two days earlier before Eid. Eventually, I asked Faiz to accompany me, but then Odie texted me about wanting to hang out. So, I thought why not kill two birds with one stone? So, I ditched Faiz and asked Odie instead. Man, that sounded harsh! Hahaha. It definitely didn't went that way. Hahahaha. Faiz told me that he'd want to sit this one out because his motorcycle couldn't take up the torture to ride distances, so it'd be better for me to go with Odie instead.

We agreed upon meeting time and what sorts and she picked me up at the Chan Show Lin LRT station and off we head to One Utama. Yup, the screening was again there at the TGV. Well, no qualms on the distance anymore since I already know the way and it really isn't all that far once you've known the short-cuts and all. So, our chosen iftar? Well, not really a selective kind of choice since we just had to grab any place that still has open tables. Hey, I guess everyone knew how hard it is to break your fast at a shopping mall if you didn't properly plan it. Luckily Odie was quick enough to score a table for us while I went up to the TGV first and line-up for the tickets. 

Odie ordered the BBQ promo sets which came with Tomato Rice, some side salads, and well, of course the chicken. Hahahaha. And I ordered the quarter chicken set with Coleslaw, Mac & Cheese, and Potato Salad for sides. But there was some kind of delay for the potato and I finally had to switch out the Potato Salad with another serving of the Mac & Cheese, which I actually asked for them to put in a doggy bag because we were running late for the movie since the foods took a while to arrive on our table. Again, the importance of proper planning if you want to break your fast outdoor.

Surprisingly, I won second place for the most creative blog entry that we all had to write in order to win these invites. So, they gave me this awesome, hard-cover blue Smurfs notebook which are quite sleek and also a Smurfs tag.

Hey, this would be the second time I ever won anything from Nuffnang since my first time back then during the Skyline premiere screening, which I won the best face-paint competition. Woooheee....

As for the movie itself, you can check out my review here. Well, after the movie, we went to the Rasta food court not far away from One Utama because Odie heard about a shop called Miu Miu (was it?) that sells coconut-flavoured frozen yoghurt. She tasted it before back during her trip to Bangkok and fell in love with it. But too bad for us because there was no such stall there. Pity for her though. She was really excited about it. It's okay, we'll have to go on a hunt next time on for that frozen yoghurt. I, too, am curious about the taste!!!