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Sunday, 4 August 2013

Lana Del Rey

Elizabeth Woolridge Grant or more recognized by her stage name, Lana Del Rey is a sexy vixen with the most enchanting voice that you might ever hear in your lifetime. Soft and husky, strong and mellow, all at the same time. And her songs are just simply amazing. I've started listening to her song after the exposure of her song titled 'Young And Beautiful' from the film 'The Great Gatsby'.

I fell in love with her voice and that song right away. So I ended up youtubing for more of her works online and I found loads more depressing-miserable-morbid-themed songs from her that I just simply love. Despite the fact that her songs are just simply negative and more on the emo/dark side, the mood is taken into a different level of appreciation when paired with her voice which is full of emotions.

Amazingly, she wrote most of the songs herself. Gifted and talented, she's a great performer/singer/entertainer. She can turn even the most blue/depressing songs into hauntingly divine melodies. But one of the other thing about her that is simply enchanting is her beauty. Nobody can every say "no" to that face. Luscious hair, pretty eyes, full-lips, and flawless fair skin.

So far, I'm in love with a couple of her songs. Mostly are singles as I have yet to explore her albums for more songs.

1. Blue Jeans
2. Born To Die
3. Yayo
4. National Anthem
5. Dark Paradise
6. Summertime Sadness
7. Summer Wine
8. Ride
9. Young And Beautiful.

I'm glad that I have another heartbreak singer to add to my collection other than Natalie Imbruglia, which have been the only one so far that can make me cry even listening to the songs. The appreciation is there. When you value music and listen, relate yourself with it, and understand the lyrics, you can see how beautiful a song is. It is an art. Well, then. Have a nice day.