Tuesday, 6 August 2013

The Smurfs 2 : Movie Review

La la,
la la la la
la la la la .....

Make way for the second installment of the blue dudes, The Smurfs 2 : Nice Get Naughty. When Gargamel first created Smurfette, it was to bring disruption to these cute-midget-like blue forest dwellers but it backfired when the Smurfs able to bring goodness into her and re-created her into a real Smurf, as blue and as jolly. Moving on to the current timeline however, Gargamel finally had his break in Paris when he became a star attraction by demonstrating his sorcery. However, as his magic which runs on the power of the Smurf essence was depleting, he needed to secure more.

In order to make it happen, he created the Naughties; Vexy and Hackus to kidnap Smurfette as a hostage to get Papa Smurf to release the secret formula on creating Smurfs. With his new creations, he managed to capture Smurfette and in a lot of twist-and-turns, finally able to get the secret formula from Smurfette herself. And a whole lot of big-bang-boom went after that. I'm not going to write you a summary just providing you guys the back-up information. Hehehe.

Let's move on to the review. At its core, this movie really is just 'another' Smurf movie and the best of audience are for the kids. While the kids are going to enjoy this movie to its fullest because of the cute Smurfs and their mishap adventures, the adults are better off watching something else. The magical wonder of this movie is more for the children rather than the adults. "Patient Adult Smurfs will be checking their watches as Excitable Child Smurfs lose themselves in the high jinks." - Matt Patches of Time Out New York

Another way to look at it is that it is exactly like the first movie and 'more'. Depending on your own views, this 'more' factor can be either good or bad. As for me, it was a big no-no. Charmingly entertaining, yes. But was it needed? NO. You can already guess how much the story is going to be. No real twist or 'bam' factor to even make it much more enjoyable than the first movie. If you haven't watched this movie yet, you're better off with the memory of watching the first movie and be done with it. Don't waste your money on this flick at the cinema.

If you're wondering about the 'exactly like the first movie and 'more'' quote in my previous para, you can evaluate it yourself if you have watched the first movie. The same rotten tomatoes applied for their voice-acting, the lame scripts, and the lacking purpose in the plot. Let's see, hhm.... Neil Patrick Harris. He make a bad-ass Barney in HIMYM but I don't like him in the first movie, and I hate him even more in this movie. Seriously, his acting this time around is just as terrible and possibly even more. I just can't get my head around the idea that all the while in the movie, he's like one motherfucking lousy chap with that slap-worthy face with daddy issues. 

Oh! And then there's the bad lame-ass Facebook reference jokes lying about, the oh-not-so-snap take-outs on pop-culture, overbearing-plus-exaggeration acting from Hank Azaria, the predictable kidnap plot, the same good versus bad cliche, and let's not forget the endless Smurfs-pun. I mean like please!!! I think movie-goers would kill themselves if they had to sit through another Smurf movie filled with these exasperating little blue humanoids.

But it would be unfair of me to just gore out on the details of everything bad, and nothing nice, would it? Other than the awesome work on the graphics and CGI (thumbs up for that) and a few killing punchline (which is actually not enough. They prefer those exaggerated Smurfs-pun even more), the movie is just another mediocre home/family/kids entertainment movie. Nothing noteworthy really. The only thing I like about the movie was Azrael the cat. Now that's funny. *sigh*

I quote Steve Davis from Austin Chronicle, "Does the world need another movie about miniature, blue-skinned humanoids with bulbous noses and perky bobtails; gnomelike creatures who wear floppy caps, live in mushrooms, and use the word "smurf" in every other sentence? Someone apparently thinks so." The perfect comment in just one single sentence.

And don't hold your breath just yet, the third Smurfs film is scheduled to be released on July 2015. Would you even dare to take that plunge and watch the third installment?

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