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Friday, 23 August 2013

Dumb Blondes : Overrated

Okay, I know that this really isn't in my line of ....uhhh wait. What is the borderline in what I wrote. I don't seem to recall any boundary to any racial slander or indecent language or whatever. So, what the heck. But don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to oversell the idea that blondes are dumb, but merely just stating that saying blonde woman who are dumb is overrated. Like what Onision | Facebook | Twitter | Youtube | said in his UhOhBro youtube channel video titled Dumb Blondes, it's all about the difference between intelligence and education.

Calling a blonde woman/girl/lady dumb because of their hair colour is mean, and shallow. You don't assess someone's IQ through hair colour, do you? Then you would automatically said black-haired people are clever, because Asians are black in hair colour. But then again, so is some of the black people. Are we all intelligent? Apparently not. I'm an Asian, but I'm a moron. Well, not exactly but I'm not clever or a genius either.

And who's to say that all blonde W/G/L are dumb? There are tons of blonde woman out there who are successful in their life and even have a higher IQ than some of us all around the globe. Its' bad to label people like that. Yes, I know and I won't deny that there tons of examples are out there. But it's not all like that. The greatest and by far the worst form to stereo-typically place these blondes into the dumb categories are the medias. Especially TV Shows and movies. I think they have accomplished the greatest demeaning feat ever by always showing blonde W/G/L as dumb and totally helpless.

Just watch any of the TV Series out there or some home/family-genre movies and most blondes end up being the dumb and moronic ones. Anyway, my reason for this entry is I want to share what Onision had said in that video of his.

In the between of moments 2.09 till 2.29, he uttered the most thought-provoking statement ever, for which I think are meant for all the people out there who like to judge blondes as dumb. In that tightly-squeezed 20 seconds, he managed to get across this whole message :
"This whole time we've been saying blondes are dumb. When really, we're the ones being dumb. Because we know what is the differences between intelligence and education, yet none of us seems to be utilizing the proper definition to apply into our actual life. We just stupidly jump into conclusion that blondes are stupid, even though really, what they are doing is what everyone is doing and we're only judging based on the fact that they're blonde, and we're probably jealous of their hair colour because it's so rare, and desirable."
Okay, minus the jealousy part and all that 'rare and desirable' part, he managed to pull off a nice short but sweet slap of reality to all the people-who-like-to-judge out there. How's that for a change? Besides, nobody likes to be called dumb, or stupid, just because of their hair colour. But then again, it proves Onision's point about the blonde hair colour to be 'rare and desirable' because you can easily tell how many people out there who like to dye their hair blonde or the many shades of blonde, be it highlights, or the whole head. eh? *cocks head to the sides*