Thursday, 1 August 2013

Ramadhan Fasting : Tips?!

Wash your faces dear Muslim friends! I know that we are in our fasting month and most of you already looking like some kind of wilted veggies! I may not be able to see you or be psychic enough to tell, but I know you all are. The exhaustion, the chapped lips, the lifeless skin, the dry voice, and so on (I could go on, but that would depresses me too..).

In order to get through fasting, we need to know how to conserve our energy, that's one. Know how to pace yourself so that you won't easily become fatigued, that's two. Prioritize your work (if you are working) or your chores/homework (if you have them) but never sleep, that's three. Sleeping while fasting is never good. You'll be starving when you wake up later on, and if you're someone who drools when they sleep, you can forget fasting after that. 

Here's one crucial tip my dear friends, stay far away from social networking sites during the day. Especially for those who are always on Facebook and Instagrams. Twitter can only be worse if you're following tweets about food pornography or umm.... (something that will ruin your fast, essentially). For FB and Instagrams, you know those people are sure going to share pictures of foods on the feed. Be it food porn style or just simply 'over-sharing', you are sure going to see some. And some people aren't strong enough to resist those pictures. You evaluate yourself.

Besides, there's also the code of ethics that I mentioned in the previous entry about fasting, abstaining speeches. By dislodging yourself from FB, or other social networking sites during the day, you'll save yourself from cursing, back-talking, trash-talking, insulting, bla bla bla (fill in the blanks here, peeps!) and help yourself for a more rewarding fast. Why waste the good deeds from fasting by ruining it with what might come out from your mouth (although technically, the words that might appear on the screen as you typed them using your fingers).

And maybe here's one last tip for all of you fasting in this auspicious Ramadhan. Keep your day busy. Be as busy as you can "bee". Hehehehe! I'm not lying. If you keep yourself busy with work/chores/homework or whatever project/assignment, the day will be passing by so quickly and by the time you know realize it, iftar won't be long ahead. This is one of the cause for being a good person or human being this month. Help you family such as cleaning the house (but don't exert yourself that you become tired. Pace yourself), helping with the groceries purchasing or cooking preparation, de-clutter your house, etc.

Or just let yourself be absorbed into something that will make time passes by quickly. For me, I love playing games. That work wonders. But for those who enjoy watching movies or series, do a marathon, that is a great too (except for the fact that you feel like munching something while you're watching), and probably, you could pickup a new hobby.