Monday, 16 September 2013

Take Control of your Dream (Dylan O'Brien Inspired)

Do you ever had that feeling when you're having such a good dream, all grinning, warm and fuzzy, but then someone or something woke you up? And then you though, "Naaah, Imma go back to my dream" and pull the blanket over your face, curl in a fetal position, and hope to continue the dream but then you can't because the motion has passed? *exhales*

Well, I have loads of those. I mean, it's frustrating, especially when it is such a good dream. Like for example, dreaming that Dylan O'Brien is your boyfriend *I blame the recent movie I watched "The Internship" for making me drool over his cute pretty face*. But lately, I've been successful in controlling what shall appear in my dream. 

Although the chances are really sometimes random that it'll happen the way that you want to, I've devised my own way to get the types of dream that I want.

1. No eating before sleeping. Especially spicy or any spice-induced foods.
A study performed by Brighton Town University's department of the mind and body, it shows that the subject (people) who go to bed on a full stomach can trigger nightmare-causing brain waves, especially when the food are the unhealthy ones. And eating spicy foods can cause a rise in your bodily temperature, in which disrupts REM sleep.

2. Take whatever you do before you go to sleep into consideration.
Whatever show you're watching, whatever books you're reading, or whatever music you're listening before you go to bed will influence in what will appear in your dream. Basically, everything you do will affect it. So, let's say you want to dream about this cute guy that saw in facebook, all you need to do is ; stalk his FB, look at photos, while listening to some music that can make you feel giddy or amorous, before you go to bed.

3. Music plays a big part.
Now this is a bit tricky because it depends on your personality. But naturally, all you need is some music that can evokes happy thoughts or memories. Some music that will light up your spirits and make you smile. Find those music, plug in earphones (earphones are way much better than speakers as it pierces through inside the ear, while sound have to travel quite a distance from the speaker to your eardrums), put it in volume that is not too loud that it will wake you, but not too low that it doesn't register through your brains, and go to bed. It'd be good if you can create a playlist instead and keep it playing on a loop.

I know, all of these thing are common and you've read it all before but have you actually given it a try? I've managed to keep Dylan O'Brien in my dream for quite a few time already since the premiere screening of 'The Internship' last Tuesday. And I don't plan to stop. Unless I feel like dreaming about Zac Efron... Hmmm....