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Monday, 2 September 2013

Guys in Shorts

OH my godddd!! What is it with guys and shorts these days. And I'm not talking about those capri 3/4 shorts or cargo pants. I mean those really shorts-shorts. Like those that women wear.

I know that these shorts are all the rage in the fashion world out there and that it is hitting the streets like fireworks, but it is just absolutely ridiculous, for me at least. I don't get with all the fascination. It is comprehensible when women wear them, well because they want to show off their beautiful long slender (possibly shaved) legs to attract those gawking males or females (either in spite of jealousy, or sexual arousal > homosexual) as they strut their way on the streets.

But what I don't get is the guys. If you want to give the excuse that Malaysian weather is unbearably hot, I might slightly buy it. But wearing them even for catching a movie, or just for hanging out in the city is just derisory. Yes, they're fashionable, I have to admit and it somehow attracts the female/male out there too. Be it you have beautiful, slender legs, or nicely pumped muscled thighs or calves. I can't say for some of the kinky people out there, but men's legs isn't all that much of an alluring feature, lest the face or the eyes.

Comfortable? Perhaps. I wear short pants at home, not shorts. But I ain't going to wear them in the city to hang out, shopping, or going for movies because for one thing, they expose your skin. As a Muslim, we have to take care of not exposing our aurat to other people, even more if they are not our family. So, as a case there, it's already wrong for Muslim men to wear shorts. Short pants that are below the knee-length (such as 3/4 pants) are permissible because men's aurat goes from his knee, up to his stomach (more specifically above the belly button).

Next factor on comfortable meter > is it really comfortable? Some of these 'shorts' are like too shorts that they appear to be hugging your crotch area too tight, exposing the bulge of your 'package'. Eye-candy, yes. But for me, it's an eyesore. I mean, seriously... come on! Who wants to look like some kind of cheap gigolo? And the funny thing is that, the ones that wear these shorts are commonly the guys that took a lot of effort to bulk up and tone their body like an Adonis. 

As for the colours of these shorts. The shades of white (cream, vanilla, bone, pearl, ivory, etc) are mostly fine because it is soft to the eyes, but the ones in bright hues and neon colours are just an eyesore. Seriously, are we really asking for the same thing that happened during the skinny pants trend back then?

For the love of sanity and perhaps community, I just hope that this trend would pass by quickly faster. You don't know how many time I had to avert my gaze yesterday when I went to Pavilion because of these male. And the worse part was that most of them are Muslim guys who doesn't seem to share any sense of dignity that I have. Cover your junk please?! I really don't mind the Chinese guy wearing 'em because for one, they're fair skinned, so its not that bad to look at for one thing. Compared to our Malay young adults who are.... copper-skinned. Anyhow, I blame the Korean influence that has been deluding the young Malaysian adults nowadays for most of their absurd fashion sense.