Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Therapeutic Tuesday : More To Life by Stacie Orrico

We all go about every day in our life in a fixed motion and pace. It all depend on yourself how to create the illusion of time to pass by; slowly or quickly. But for some people, they go about their life like zombies. Going through the same motion every day, consenting their life to be as mundane as they perceive it to be.

But there's more to life than just living your daily life as it is written. There's gotta be more. We can't simply just go about everyday, doing the things we do, experiencing everything as it is because that would drive some people crazy. There's more than just working for the sake of work, going to school and study for the sake of education. There's always more.

It takes up to individuals to assess the monotonous life that they are living and break out from the black and white by doing something special each day; be it minute or colossal but as long as it makes a difference in that day. A dent in that endless grey wall. I always refer this to the concept of being 'alive'. Find something in that day to cherish or appreciate. 

Written by Sabelle Breer, Kevin Kadish, Lucy Woordward, Harvey Mason Jr. and Damon Thomas, and produced by The Underdogs, "More to Life is a predominantly pop song that draws influences from rock and contemporary R&B. The song generally received positive reviews from music critics and was a worldwide success, peaking in top five in three countries : New Zealand (3rd) Norway (2nd) US Billboard Pop Song (5th). While there are many other interpretations that depicts this song was about drugs, it still doesn't defeat the purpose that this song tells of a person who is has a lot, but nothing really mattered, which eventually makes that person feel lost and searching for something to fill the void.

"I've got the time, and I'm wasting it slowly
Here in this moment, I'm halfway out the door
Onto the next thing,
I'm searching for something that's missing..."