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Saturday, 7 September 2013

Charlie Hunman & Dakota Johnson as Christian Grey & Anastasia Steele for the upcoming movie from the bestseller 'Fifty Shades Of Gray' by E L James

That is one motherfucking long title. Anyway, after all this bizz and buzz about who's going to play the cast of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele from the bestseller erotic book Fifty Shades of Gray, they have finally decided to cast Charlie Hunman and Dakota Johnson as the characters respectively. 

Can you believe it? Both of these. Well, don't look at me, I'm not all that great about evaluating who should be who, but blame me all you want but I've grown accustomed to imagining both Alexis Bledel and Ian Somerhalder as the characters as I read the book.

If you've been following up on the hot issue of who's going to play who, these two came up highest on the list of cast all this time. So, as I am reading the second book, I could easily play the images in my head of them doing the nasty as I go through the book. They'd make the best Christian/Anastasia pair ever, compared to the rest that people came up with. Because you could easily place Alexis as the helpless virgin who looked good biting her own lips all the time, and those big cute eyes pass so far as someone who is so innocent to the sexual world like Anastasia Steele. And what more can I say about Ian? He's hot, those pretty eyes, finely sculpted body, and looked damn fucking good in whatever he wears, and has great hair to match Christian's habit of running his own hand through his hair. Don't you think so?

Well, let's just hope the movie turns out to be great. Which I highly doubt would be aired in Malaysia for all its sexually-themed story. The book is terrible with all the repetitions and ridiculous character, I just hope that the movie would actually be better. And we'd enjoy it.