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Friday, 6 September 2013

Zac Efron in the upcoming movie, Neighbours

Don't you just want to melt and swoon at the sights of those beautifully sculpted abs? Oh I'm gushing so hard right now. Not with jizz of course! But with hormones. Estrogen, specifically. Hehehe. Anyhow, any fans of Efron would surely know about his upcoming movie which shall be released next summer. I think that would probably mean next year... right?

Now, that's a long time for us crazy fans of him to wait around till we can finally laid our eyes rest on his chiseled beautiful bod. In the movie, he starred as the head of the fraternity which neighboured a couple who were forced to live next to it, struggling to bring up their new baby.

We've been feed lots of beautiful juicy snaps and stills of this delicious hunk in this upcoming movie but even more an exciting news and juicy was that it does not only house one beautiful Adonis that which is Efron, but Dave Franco is in it as well.

Yup gals (and some guys), close your ovaries as these two are going to make you swoon so bad. One candy is good, but two? Definitely a dream come true. Just ignore Christopher Mintz-Plasse in that picture. He's not much of an eye-candy. Hehehe, that's quite mean, right? But hey, Christopher is a great actor for someone who's young. But it wouldn't be fair for me to just point out the beau, because Rose Byrne will be making an appearance in the movie too as the wife of Seth Rogen. They're the couple of course. How silly of me, not mentioning this at the beginning.

But like I said, the focus here is definitely on Zac Efron, as always. I just can't wait to catch this movie next year. In the meantime, let us just drool over his bod in this teaser.