Monday, 9 September 2013



Well, if I had known better, I would have really dragged my friends to this concert because it was AMAZING! Seriously. What I needed after all these time was an escapade. And this concert couldn't have come at a better time. I am so fucking grateful that I received two weekend pass for this concert (for free of course!), courtesy from Nuffnang. Honestly, thank you very much to Nuffnang and Mr. Darren Low for emailing to all the winners about our weekend passes.

Although I was actually in a pin for skipping out on a work event for the second day of the concert, I actually had so much fun at the concert. Well, not crazy-like fun per se, but it was the escapade that I needed. A musical escape that brought me into another dimension where music is the currency and all you have to do is just bang ur head and move your bodies to the beat.

Despite the recent rainy weather in the south west coast of Malaysia, thankfully, no heavy rain was sighted for both days. The winds were really in our favour. Before I go on and on about the music, the We Love Asia 2.0 really went off with a marvelous reception. And you'd be surprised to see what they had in store for us, besides the music.

Yup, guys, FUN PARK. With thrilling rides and a few booth set up, you can take a break from all the head-bobbing and rocking out chill out and enjoy some extreme rides instead. Or you could try your luck at some of the shooting games.

Aside from the fun attraction, the people who organised the concert had given careful thoughts of us party-goers by providing with selections of foods stall to quell our hunger and quench our thirst. Ranging from the standard and common KFC, Pizza Hut to the rare ones such as Sushi King, and even some of the unheard ones such as Simply Frozen, Yay Sammich, TeaZer, Waffle Mania, Cabrera's Authentic Mexican Food and Wrapstarzz

There were tons of DJ and performers up on the stages to give us some good time. Not one, not two, but THREE stages in total. The main stage encompasses lots of the popular music and well-known DJ performing their famous mash-up while the other two varied in their music genre. One diverging into a more hard rock club hits, while the other presents us with a more clean techno new age music. Take your pick, really.

But of course, by night time, the rest of the crowd began to pool around the main stage, as DJ Antoine preps up the audience before the arrival of Mr. World Wide, Pitbull. 

If I hadn't been proud of myself in the music appreciation world before, now I am. Because I can proudly say that I've been to a Pitbull concert. Well, not really his concert but seeing him performing live. He's awesome! Truly and really awesome.

The crowd (including me) was all swept of our feet by his amazing performance. Line-ups of some of his greatest songs and feats are well incorporated as he went about during his stage time. Not only that he knows how to sing, dance, and perform, he also has great crowd skills, making us feel welcome by his presence the whole time. Despite the delay in his on-stage appearance, he really doesn't disappoint us all as his fan.

So, the first day of We Love Asia 2.0 really went off with a bang. Nothing could top Pitbull's performance on the first day as the ending performance. I regret to say that even the second day wasn't all that happening as the first. But all in all, it is a great concert. Though, the might want to re-consider the whole three stage thing they got going. Honestly, I don't see the point. But, again, thank you Nuffnang for the pass to this musical euphoria.

*Credit goes to Duncan Goh for these amazing photos. Check out his entry on this concert for more photos and more details on the concert*