Thursday, 5 September 2013

Malaysian Matters : Petrol Price Upsurge

Harga minyak naik?!!!

Oh come on, chill lah!!! Seriously, why do all these people care that much increase of oil pricing? I mean, yes, it can result in some kind of financial setbacks, but really, does that rise of 20 cents affect the whole outcome of your life? No, it doesn't! So what the fuck is with all these people complaining?

Now, that is one example of stupid people in Malaysia. Be rational and clever, not idiotic and moronic. By taking your anger out on those petrol pumps, it doesn't really help your cause. You are only committing yourself into vandalism, which will give your more trouble than you ever start with by 'expressing' your anger in the first place.

Now, there, my friend, is an example of optimism and sarcasm blend into one. Why can't some of these Malaysian have this kind of mind-set? All this fuss doesn't really help yourself or anybody. You can keep on complaining all day long but at the end of the day, you still have to go to petrol pumps to fill in your car's gas. So all these rantings are just pointless.

Or you could do like what my friend here says. Instead of complaining non-stop. You're better off thinking on how to plan your financial budget. Be it to suit your lavish lifestyle or just to scrap through your daily life, you're better of budget your spending, anyhow. Check out the picture below for one of the most idiotic response to our current 'epidemic' situation in Malaysia. *shakes head*

You can find more ridiculous snarly outburst in a facebook page called Saya Benci Harga Barang Naik which has raked up tons of fans for all the political issues in Malaysia. And in their current hot topic is the increment of petrol price. I just can't believe how stupid some of these Malaysians are. I mean seriously, you guys are just .......... annoyingly foolish