Friday, 15 November 2013

15 November 2013 Update

Hey all!

I haven't been blogging for two months now... if I'm not mistaken?

Hahahahaha! Anyway, I guess an update is due in my absence, no? Since I was cross-trained under a different department at RLC, I was swamped piles and mountains of work that I didn't have a lot of free time like I used to back when I was working under the Events & Comm. And yes, if you're wondering, I used to blog during working hours back then. So, it makes perfect sense that when I was swamped with work, I won't have time to blog. Because most of the time, I love to type using a full keyboard, rather than using a laptop. You just simply don't have that satisfaction when the tips of your fingers touch those buttons on the keyboard... and that sound they make *click clack tap tuck click clack tap tuck*.

So, after two months of roller coaster ride in this new department, I think I won't make a fuss about it and just go along with what the Management had in plan. Oh right, I'm currently working under the Membership Dept. And don't ask me about my designation. I just simply don't know if whether I'm still just a Junior Executive, or finally an Executive.

Aaaaahhhh.... I just don't want to think about it anymore. I realise that most of my problems, headaches, mood swings, and indecisiveness comes when I start thinking. And I tend to over-think. So, that happens. In attempt to put my life back together, or at the very least, my present life, I decided to just slave myself working, learning and gathering experience. Not going to think much about what's going to happen in the next few months or what my career path is going to be. If I start, I won't stop... 

See, I was just about to question my decision. If there's one thing I've come to known to both love and hate about myself is that I'm just so mercurial. One minute I had all this will to go on a diet, and the next, I would go buying myself two packs of Nasi Lemak, just because. Like this morning. Sigh.

And it's not just about simple matter such as to go on a diet or not, to start exercising or not, to put extra efforts looking for a loving partner, but it affects all the important matter in my life such as my career path, my money spending pattern, and so on. Moving on.... Oh right, I'm moving back to Ampang. Since Faiz already got his first break in a while and finally land a lecturing job, which is in Seremban, he's going to move back to Nilai. And because of that, I feel like it'd be stupid for me to keep on staying in Sentul when I have nothing else binding me there. Well, except for the fond memories we had there. But we just have to learn to let go.

Besides, it's really not all that bad. If I move back to Ampang, I can cut a lot of my living cost. No more monthly rental and having to spend lots of money to feed myself. See, everything do happen for a reason. Faiz caught his first break, and probably, this newly appointed Membership Junior Executive will help me to grow as a person and serve as a great stepping stone for my career.

Optimism, baby, optimism.