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Monday, 10 June 2013

Turning the tables

At first I was inclined on writing a third entry on the issue of 'freedom of speech'. But since I've lost the momentum of excitement because I was too exhausted from Saturday and I didn't exactly have the mood to be inspired into writing on the Sunday itself because my body was aching all over. So I guess I'll just settle with an update on my life instead. Boring? Yeah, just bear with me. Besides, I haven't been writing about my life in a while now.

The last time I updated about my life was.......... on an entry called Prolific-less Day. Yup, that was it, but mostly it doesn't involve a lot with my current life. More on about my first time working at the Royal Lake Club. And also this entry, Still a Duckling, not a Swan yet, which I wrapped up about my emotional hodgepodge.

So let's see. Okay, you remembered me mentioning that I've started working at the Royal Lake Club, where it all thanks to my mom who have been working so damn hard to get me this job by sending my resume to the HR department, and following up with the process incessantly. Putting a good name for me here and there, trying to pull some strings and everything. Even with all the efforts and hard-work, she still never forget to pray from the Almighty Allah to grace us with his blessing and help us in all our endeavours. And so it all became to a fruition when I was offered the position of Junior Executive in the Events & Communication department, under the lead of Puan Rozita Teh.

My work compromises of three departmental division of task. Library, Events, and Newsletter. Although it seemed as if these three department might convey the impression of a lot of work (which it actually does), I'm lucky enough that all three are co-related with one another and adding to another fact that all of these departments are still under the same Events & Comm department. However, I was merely appointed in that position for my knowledge and control over language (credit goes to spending four years in Unisel learning TESL), as they wanted me to focus more on the club's newsletter. But through it all, I really have to thank my mother for working so hard to secure this job for me. If it weren't for her, I'd still be working my ass off in 7-Eleven or probably joined Faiz in Skali Web Services as a translator.

Now that is something that could have been another point in my life where drastic changes is making history. Which working at the RLC is, for me right now. I intend to make full use of my employment here to build up my standing as someone with background in event managing, acquiring some experiences and important contacts at the same time, and learning how to become a professional carrier man from now on.

At the same time, I'm beginning to stabilizing my financial crisis, which has been a constant pain in the past few month. Rent, bills, phone bills, and debts to boot. Not to mention daily spending on foods and ciggies too. Thankfully, this job comes with a medium value wage. Not saying that it isn't enough, but it is good enough for now. So that I can learn how to manage my financial spending wisely. Instead of just wasting it all away with loots and trash that I am so "fond" of collecting. Lately, I've been learning how to really budget my spending, aligning with trying to cutback on exorbitant glutton. So, by eating less, eventually spending less too.

And this brings to another part of my life which I'm trying as hard as I can to keep it up and make it a habit. I'm not saying I'm doing all those heavy sit-ups, crunches, bench press, whatever, blah blah workout that is out there, but I try to do the bare minimum daily. Well, I'm not trying to bulk up and be those sexy musclemen out here with huge bod and alluring biceps and all, but I'm just trying to burn some of these fats on my arms, hips, and tummy so that I can look better and feel better about myself. I'm doing at least 20 sit-ups, five crunches, five leg rises, and 10 squats per day. And I'm trying my best to take a walk in the park for at least an hour every weekend, just to sweat myself a hell lot.

As a side effort to that light exercising, I'm also doing on some light dieting. Simply, really simple dieting. I'm not completely cutting off carbs, but I'm trying to avoid it. But I'm am running away from rice dishes now. All meat and veggies, if I could. And I'm considering taking the advice from a fellow blogger who made a stunning transformation after his had work of strict dieting and light exercising for six months. He lost 40kgs in six months! Can you believe it? He's an inspiration. Well, of course I'm not that great at restraining myself into doing strict dieting but I'll try my best though. He was successful, why can't we all?

So, I guess this wraps up the updates on my life so far. All the important ones though. I still have a lot on my mind about my future, but I guess I'll just keep them into my head until it came true.